What does a self-heating face mask do?

Self-heating masks help cleanse pores and activate blood circulation. Anything that involves the pore opening will react especially well to the heat that comes along with these masks.

How do you use a self-heating mask?

How To Use The Self-Heating Mask:

  1. Wet your face thoroughly and ensure you leave wet, as the T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Self-Heating Mask is activated by water.
  2. Using dry hands, open a sachet and dispense the contents into your hand and massage the mask into your face using your fingertips.

How many times a Garnier serum mask can be used?

We at Garnier recommend using a sheet mask at least two to three times a week to really let your skin benefit from all the active, natural ingredients and the hydrating serum in the sheet masks.

Is Garnier a good face mask?

Garnier face masks are some of the best in the industry thanks to their dual botanical and scientific formulations. Working to provide skincare benefits in as little as 15 minutes, all of Garnier’s face masks are little beauty miracles and great for introducing into your routine when you are stretched for time.

What is heat mask?

Self-heating masks and other products are developed with special ingredients that heat up by releasing energy when activated, in what is known as an exothermic reaction. Not only does this feel amazing, it also helps to open your pores.

How do you heat eye mask?


  1. HEAT THERAPY – Microwave for time indicated below and test mask temperature. Heat for additional 5 seconds as needed until desired temperature is reached.
  2. CLEANING – Clean eye mask gently with mild soap after each use.
  3. CAUTION: For external use only. Do not use on infants. Do not ingest contents.

Is charcoal supposed to burn your face?

It is common for a charcoal mask to make your face tingle or sting. A tingling feeling usually occurs because exfoliants in the charcoal mask are dissolving dead skin. In contrast, a stinging feeling indicates that the chemicals in the mask are irritating your skin.

What is a heat mask?

The moist heat mask absorbs moisture from the air using specially designed hydrobeads. These beads help loosen oils in the meibomian glands in your eyelids, allowing the oil to flow more freely. The oil prevents evaporation of your natural tears and provides relief from the symptoms of dry eyes.

Should I wash my face after Garnier face mask?

Washing face after applying sheet mask Sheet masks continue to benefit your skin after you remove it, so don’t wash your face immediately after. Take advantage of the hydrating residue left and let it soak into your skin to achieve the best results.

Should I keep sheet mask in fridge?

Keeping your sheet masks cold in the fridge is not necessary, however doing so can definitely help give them a refreshing edge by cooling down the skin immediately.

Should I wash my face after Garnier sheet mask?

Can I leave Garnier face mask overnight?

Leaving the mask on for too long If you leave the sheet mask on your face for too long, the sheet mask will start drying out. This will cause the sheet mask to start reabsorbing all the serum that has just been deposited on your face. In some cases, it could also pull out the moisture from your skin.