What does 2 hours no return within 2 hours mean?

06/10/10 – 12:22 #2. It means you can park for 2 hours but then once you leave you cannot return for another 4 hours. E.g. park from 10-noon.

Can I park in permit holders only?

Only residents can only park there. Usually, local residents would possess a badge which they would display to show traffic wardens carrying out routine checks that they are permitted to park there.

What does it mean no return within 3 hours?

it means that once parked you can’t return to your car for three hours so that the local criminals can pounce on your car without being disturbed !

What does no return within one hour mean?

It’s illegal to return and buy further time in the same parking space, for example, to avoid the maximum time shown on the meter. The ‘no-return’ limit is stated on the sign, or one hour, whichever is shorter.

What does 30 mins no return in 2 hours mean?

the no return bit means that you can stop for 30 mins then begger off but cant park there again for 2 hours.

Can you stop on double yellow lines?

It’s OK to stop briefly on double yellow lines to do so, but you must be continuously loading or unloading the whole time you’re parked. You can pull over on double yellow lines to drop off or pick somebody up, as long as there are no stopping restrictions.

What does permit holders only Monday to Saturday mean?

Resident Permit Holder Only, Monday to Saturday 8am – 6pm Only resident permit holders can park here. Outside of the days and times specified, no restrictions apply and any vehicle can park.

Can you park in permit holders only on bank holidays?

If the resident bay is not controlled on a Sunday, parking on a bank or public holiday without a valid resident permit is allowed. A sign stating ‘Resident permit holders only’ with no days or times quoted indicates that the bay is controlled at all times, every day, including on public and Bank holidays.

What does no return rule mean?

Beware the ‘no return’ sign rules If you can park somewhere for an hour but it says ‘no return’ within two hours, it means you must leave at least two hours between parking spells.

Can you park in a loading bay out of hours UK?

Vehicles are not permitted to park in loading bays during the restricted hours without loading/ unloading with the following exemptions: council/ government department in pursuance of statutory duties. emergency services (fire, police, ambulance, customs) road maintenance.

Can you park in a loading bay outside of hours?

2 of 3 Red bays If a loading bay is marked out by a red dotted line, it means the bay can be used outside peak traffic hours. However, peak traffic hours often vary in each area and even each road. Red bays have more restrictions so you should always check the signs.

How long can you wait on double yellow lines?

Single or double yellow lines with no kerb markings You can load or unload for a maximum of 40 minutes. A Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) will observe a private vehicle for five minutes and a commercial vehicle for 10 minutes and look for loading activity.

Can you park for 2 hours without a permit?

ANYONE ELSE, reagrdless of whether they have a Parking Permit or not, can park for 2 hours (but not return within 2 hours after leaving). So my understanding was that as I was not a Permit Holder I could park for 2 hours at any time.

What’s the time limit for no return parking?

No return within… Some parking signs have time restrictions, like ‘1 hour – no return within 2 hour’. This means you can park in the spot for up to 1 hour, but you can’t return and park there again within 2 hours. You’ll see these marked laterally on the kerb.

Is there a no return for 2 hours rule?

This is why there is a no return for 2 hours rule (I imagine, anyway) since they only need two photos, say at 9am and 11am as proof (technically I think they have to wait by the vehicle 5mins or something) as they don’t need to know you have been there the full two hours since they can do you under the no return part.

Can you get a ticket for 2 hours no return?

If the sign says ‘or 2 hours, no return in 2 hours’ and relates to the bay you were in, then you should not have got a ticket. BUT, in our street, there are bays which are for permit holders only (that do not have the ‘or 2 hours’ wording) in the same vacinity so there are 2 different signs covering their respective bays.