What do you put under awards and honors?

Examples of academic awards include, but are not limited to:AP Scholar.Any honor society such as, International Thespian Society, National Honor Society, etc.Honor Roll.National Language Exam Recognition.National Merit Award.President’s Award.School subject-based award.

How do you put dean’s list on a resume?

Following the GPA, you would include “Dean’s List for X semesters/for all semesters.” Another way to include dean’s list on your resume is in a section separate from your education section. For example, you could include a section titled “Accomplishments and Awards” and include dean’s list here.

How can I be proud of myself?

A To-do List to Make Yourself Proud:Follow your passion. If you love what you do, you won’t view your job as work. Know your strengths. Focus your efforts. Leave your comfort zone. Compete with yourself. Learn from the best. Practice, practice, practice. Give yourself a report card.

What are you most proud of about yourself?

12 Things We Should Always Be Proud OfA job that you love. Your sense of style. Your friends. Your family. Your ability to forgive. Your past. Your demand for some alone time. We should be proud of our traditions and values.

How do you prove you are proud of someone?

But here are a few ways to tells someone you are proud of them that are highly effective.“I’m proud of you”“You must be so proud of yourself”“I love to see your success” This is pretty straightforward as well. “I’m proud to be your_____”Pin Me, Please!

How do you express proud feelings?

“I’m so proud of you” messages are also ideal when you want to make friends feel better. Here are some you might use….Here are some you might use.“Wow.” “This isn’t easy, but you did the right thing.” “Can you help with [insert relevant task]?” “How did you do it?”