What do you mean by conscience stricken?

: feeling very bad or guilty because of something one has done the story of a conscience-stricken thief who repays all she’s stolen.

What does it mean by panic stricken?

English Language Learners Definition of panic-stricken : too frightened to think or act normally : overcome with panic. See the full definition for panic-stricken in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What is poverty stricken?

: very poor : destitute.

What is definition of stricken?

1a : afflicted or overwhelmed by or as if by disease, misfortune, or sorrow. b : made incapable or unfit rescuers were sent to the stricken ship. 2 : hit or wounded by or as if by a missile the deer had been stricken by an arrow.

How do you use conscience stricken in a sentence?

He is shocked, conscience-stricken, remorseful. Jo, conscience-stricken, did his best to make amends. Looking at him, I became conscience-stricken. She felt guilty and wicked and conscience-stricken.

Why did Aram and Mourad return horse?

Aram and Mourad finally returned the horse because although they loved the horse they were ashamed of themselves. They could not bear to do anything which might mar the prestige of their tribe and thus, they returned the horse to its rightful owner.

Is panic-stricken a phrase?

If someone is panic-stricken or is behaving in a panic-stricken way, they are so anxious or afraid that they may act without thinking carefully. Panic-stricken travellers fled for the borders.

What type of word is poverty-stricken?

Very poor.

How do you use poverty-stricken in a sentence?

Poverty-stricken sentence example

  1. She couldn’t see the poverty-stricken section of the city.
  2. The houses are generally built of wood and wear a poverty-stricken aspect.
  3. They are poverty-stricken, and easily fall victim to fever.

What is stricken in a sentence?

Stricken Sentence Examples Stricken, she wrapped her arms around her knees and began to cry. Herod was stricken with an incurable disease. Henry, stricken with sore disease, was unable to reap the advantage. With the exceptions of 1891 and 1894, every year in the period 1891-1900 was stricken by drought.

What is the difference between Struck and stricken?

Most of the time the past participle of “strike” is “struck.” The exceptions are that you can be stricken with guilt, a misfortune, a wound or a disease; and a passage in a document can be stricken out.