What do they do at GEODIS?

As a worldwide logistics company, GEODIS brings clients an effective skill set to design and operate a variety of logistics chain management models. We provide consulting services, such as logistics chain diagnostics and network design, supply management through managing the bidding process, and flow management.

What does GEODIS stand for?


Acronym Definition
GeodIS Geodesy Information System (Germany)

How long has GEODIS been around?

Founded in 1951 by Frank Ozburn and Kenneth Hessey, OHL began as a rug cleaning, moving and storage company and grew to more than 120 North America-based value-added distribution centers with approximately 41 million square feet of flexible warehouse space.


Global Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Provider, GEODIS, launches an in-house integrated and customizable Yard Management System.

How much does GEODIS pay an hour?

GEODIS Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Customer Service Representative (CSR) Range:$12 – $22 Average:$16
Training Coordinator Range:$12 – $22 Average:$16
Operations Team Leader Range:$13 – $27 (Estimated *) Average:$18
Team Lead, Operations Range:$12 – $24 (Estimated *) Average:$17

How often does GEODIS get paid?

GEODIS’ pay cycle is bi-weekly. However, in 2019, we will be launching DailyPay, a technology that allows employees to control when they get paid.

Who is the CEO of GEODIS?

Marie-Christine Lombard (Oct 2012–)

Marie-Christine Lombard is Chairman of the Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer of GEODIS. She is a graduate of ESSEC. She has held chief executive positions in the Transport and Logistics sector for over 22 years and has always worked in international environments.

How often does Geodis get paid?

Does GEODIS hire felons?

Does GEODIS hire felons? No they do not as far as i know.

Does GEODIS drug test?

GEODIS utilizes both urine and mouth swab methods for drug screening.

Does Coca Cola company hire felons?

Yes, they hire felons. Charges have to be at least five years old from the day you were convicted.

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Who is Geodis Wilson and what do they do?

With a large network all over the world, GEODIS is a true growth partner to its clients offering end-to-end solutions. Geodis Wilson USA, Inc. provides air and sea freight and logistics services. Geodis Wilson USA, Inc. was formerly known as TNT Freight Management (USA), Inc.

Who are Geodis Wilson and gwui shipping company?

Geodis Wilson USA, Inc. was formerly known as TNT Freight Management (USA), Inc. The company was incorporated in 2006 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Geodis Wilson USA, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Geodis Wilson Management BV. GWUI Tracking. What is GWUI shipping?

What does Geodis do in the United States?

GEODIS, a worldwide Transport and Logistics leader, supports its clients in the United States with customized solutions spanning a large range of services: Freight Forwarding, Supply Chain Optimization, Contract Logistics, and Transportation Management.

Where does Geodis rank in the Amazon App Store?

GEODIS is ranked seventh in the world and fourth in Europe in our field. GEODIS is also the distribution and express leader in France.