What did Colonel Killigrew lose?

Colonel Killigrew destroyed his life “in the persuit of sinful pleasures”. In former times, he “had wasted his best years and his health substance”. That means he ruined his health by drinking too much alcohol and probably having affairs with prostitutes.

What does Widow Wycherly lose or waste?

In hiding, she prevented any opportunity to interact with, or even marry, someone of any class. In the end, she (as well as Colonel Killigrew and Mr. Gascoigne) misses an opportunity to learn a lesson. She has not learned, from experience, that beauty is fleeting and superficial.

What has Dr. Heidegger lost?

he was a prosperous merchant in his youth, then he lost all his money and is scarecly better than a begger representing GREED.

What did Colonel Killigrew represent?

Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment

What does Col Killigrew symbolize? lust
What does a rose symbolize? Passion
What does a butterfly symbolize? Resurrection
What does water represent? Renewal and rebirth

What does Dr Heidegger show his guests?

The Doctor presents his guests with four empty champagne glasses and an ornate vase full of clear, bubbling liquid. He takes an old, withered rose, drops it into the vase, and shows his guests that it has in fact been rejuvenated to a fresh-blooming flower.

Who was Widow Wycherly?

Widow Wycherly (whose first name is actually Clara) was a beautiful woman in her youth, but has lived in “deep seclusion” for many years because a scandal ruined her reputation and turned the townspeople against her.

What do Dr Heidegger’s friends resolve?

But the doctor’s four friends had taught no such lesson to themselves. They resolved forthwith to make a pilgrimage to Florida, and quaff at morning, noon, and night, from the Fountain of Youth.”

What does COL Killigrew lose in Dr Heidegger’s Experiment?

Colonel Killigrew had wasted his best years, and his health and substance, in the pursuit of sinful pleasures, which had given birth to a brood of pains, such as the gout, and divers other torments of soul and body.

Why does Dr. Heidegger not drink the water?

Before they drink, Dr. Heidegger warns them not to make the same mistakes they did the first time they were young. Dr. Heidegger does not regret the spilled elixir; he has learned his lesson by watching his guests, and would not drink the water for anything.

What did Mr Gascoigne talk about after he drank the liquor?

How do each guest repeat the mistakes of their past? Once the characters drink the potion, Mr. Gascoigne is talking politics once again, Killigrew is participating in sinful pleasures, Mr. Medbourne was handling his money again, and Widow Wycherly was admiring her beauty.

What sin does Mr Gascoigne represent?

Mr. Gascoigne is guilty of being power-hungry. He was at one point “a ruined politician, a man of evil fame,” but is now so old that no one even remembers who he is anymore (1).

What was Widow Wycherly relationship to the other participants?

Medbourne, and Mr. Gascoigne – had all at one time or another been the lover of the Widow Wycherly. This is a very important detail, for when the four withered old souls drink the water of the fountain of youth, and become young again, the men all resume their struggles against each other for the newly-young woman.