What cities are on the west coast of Michigan?

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  • South Haven. Find your escape in South Haven, where relaxation and reconnecting to your true self begin.
  • Holland. Situated on the sun-soaked shores of Lakes Michigan and Macatawa, Holland is a Pure Michigan delight!
  • Grand Haven.
  • Muskegon.
  • Saugatuck / Douglas.
  • St.
  • Silver Lakes Sand Dunes / Hart.

What is the west side of Michigan known for?

Michigan’s west side, near Lake Michigan, is a culturally rich area that offers music, art, dining, nightclubs, nature and so much more. Take time to explore western Michigan and enjoy some of its most interesting places.

Where is the prettiest water in Michigan?

Torch Lake, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, and Lake Glen are said to be the bluest lakes in Michigan.

Where are white sand beaches in Michigan?

Warren Dunes State Park Has The Whitest, Most Pristine Sand In Michigan

  • Warren Dunes State Park is located at 12032 Red Arrow Highway in near Bridgman.
  • With nearly 2,000 acres of land to explore, this state park is a nature enthusiast’s wonderland.

Which is better Saugatuck or South Haven?

Saugatuck, MI – in my personal opinion, I like the town of Saugatuck more than South Haven. It’s bigger, has more restaurant and shop options and overall I think it is a prettier setting. Seemed to be more family oriented (a lot of the restaurants in South Haven have more of a bar feel) and more centered as a town.

Are there private beaches in Michigan?

In Michigan, private shoreline property stretches to the water’s edge, but private beaches are treated like thoroughfares, with foot traffic allowed up to the natural high water mark. In Wisconsin, on the other hand, private property stops at the natural high water mark and the state owns the land below this threshold.

Is South Haven or Saugatuck better?

What is there to do outside in West Michigan?


  • 1) Play a Round of Disc Golf (Frisbee Golf)
  • 2) Hit the Hiking Trails.
  • 3) Explore a New Bike Trail.
  • 4) Make a Day of it on a West MI Beach.
  • 5) Plan Your Next Camping Trip.
  • 6) Find a New Place to Hang Your Hammock.
  • 7) Paddle the Afternoon Away in a Kayak or Canoe.

What is the number one beach in Michigan?

One of the most popular beaches in Michigan is Grand Haven Beach, located in a quaint and lovely beach community in the western part of the state. The beach is located near a state park, with an abundance of activities and amenities like restrooms nearby.

What beach has the clearest water in Michigan?

This Swimming Spot Has The Clearest, Most Pristine Water In Michigan. Tucked inland near Traverse City sits one of Michigan’s most beautiful natural treasures: Torch Lake. As the state’s longest and second largest inland lake, Torch Lake is a favorite destination for fishing, boating, and relaxing near the shore.

What beach in Michigan has clear blue water?

Torch Lake will remind you of the Caribbean with its crystal clear turquoise waters, white sandbars, and raucous summer parties. The lake was once part of the much larger Lake Michigan but was separated into its own lake by the formation of a sandbar across the northwest mouth of the lake.

Is Saugatuck or Holland better?

Saugatuck is more “romantic” but not sure what is open off season. Holland has the best downtown but lacks good access to the lake and hiking opportunities.. Staying at City Flats Hotel downtown would make for a romantic weekend stay.

What are the best beaches in southwest Michigan?

Silver Beach. By far, the best beach in southwest Michigan. Beautiful and well-maintained. There’s a play area for children, a lighthouse, a snack bar and volleyball nets. Also visit downtown St. Joseph (a lovely small town), the Carousel and there’s a pizza place in the old train station there called Silver Beach Pizza.

What beaches are in Michigan?

With mile upon mile of coastline, there’s no shortage of natural beauty on the beaches of Michigan. Many of our state parks are home to the best beaches, such as Grand Haven State Park and Hoeft State Park, and some of the others that are downright gorgeous are Sleeping Bear Point Beach, Belle Isle Beach, Empire Beach, and Twelvemile Beach.

What is the best lake in Michigan?

Lake Erie is absolutely one of the best fishing spots in Michigan, although many forget that 50 miles of its western basin are in the Wolverine State . This is the same Lake Erie that is considered the best walleye lake in the world, and one of the top smallmouth waters in the country.

Is Michigan west coast?

West Michigan Coast From the tip of the mitten, to the southern end of Lake Michigan, the West Michigan coast has some of the most beautiful scenery in the region. Miles and miles of beaches make a wonderful playground, and the shoreline towns are picturesque and so much fun to explore.