What causes transmission over temp?

The most common causes of overheating include solenoid problems, fluid leaks, low fluid levels and burnt/old fluid. Other heat generating factors are if you live in a hot climate, often drive in stop and go traffic and/or tow heavy loads with your vehicle.

Why does my Jeep says transmission over temp?

If your Jeep lights up the transmission over temp gauge, it means that the transmission’s fluid temperature is very high. When neglected, this can lead to extensive damage and eventually transmission failure.

What kind of transmission fluid does a 2006 Jeep Commander take?

For Automatic Transmission: 545RFE RWD….AP4

Notes: Mopar ATF+4 P/N 05013457AA
Capacity: 5.5 quarts Initial Fill 5 speed 545RFE RWD Total Fill 14.1 quarts

How do you fix an overheating transmission?

What to do when your transmission is overheating:

  1. Stop driving immediately and let your transmission cool down.
  2. Make a note of what you were doing, where you are, what’s happening (noises, etc.)
  3. After cooling down, start back up & gingerly continue on your way.

How do I cool down my transmission?

Allowing the car to idle in neutral, while sitting at red lights, in congested traffic or at rail road tracks, reduces the strain on the transmission, allowing the transmission to cool.

How do you cool down transmission fast?

Can low transmission fluid cause overheating?

Low or Bad Transmission Fluid Bad transmission fluid — or not enough fluid — will cause your transmission to overheat quickly.

How do you check the transmission fluid on a 2006 Jeep Commander?

With your foot on the brake, shift to drive, neutral and reverse and hold in each position for 3-5 seconds. Put transmission in park then check level on dipstick.

How much transmission fluid does a Jeep Commander take?

For Automatic Transmission: 545RFE 4WD….AP4

Notes: Mopar ATF+4 P/N 05013457AA
Capacity: 5 speed 545RFE 4WD Total Fill 14.1 quarts 6.6 quarts Initial Fill

What happens when transmission fluid gets too hot?

#1 Cause of Failure The optimal temperature range for transmission fluid is 175 to 220 degrees. Above that, for every 20 degrees bad things happen, starting with formation of varnish at 240 degrees, followed by seals hardening, plates slipping, seals and clutches burn out, carbon is formed, and, ultimately, failure.

What happens if a transmission overheats?

A transmission that frequently overheats can cause fluid to leak from the transmission, so if you are constantly replacing the fluid, it’s a good indication of a leak. A slipping transmission is also an indication of low, dirty, or burnt transmission fluid. You also need to be aware of the check engine light.

Where is the transmission cooler on a Jeep Commander?

Since the Transmission cooler is tied in with the Airconditioner condenser ( 6″ or so at the top of the a/c condenser), and is behind the power steering cooler. There is no way that cooler is actually going to get cool. As well As, since the trans cooler can’t get cool, the engine rad is going to heat up as well.

How many miles does a Jeep Commander have?

This vehicle has the 4.7 engine with the automatic trans. Currently 130,000 miles on the odometer. I have owned this Jeep since new. This is an intermittent problem that has been going on for a few months.

What does p0714 code on Jeep Commander mean?

The P0714 code tells that there is something wrong with or the temperature sensor, or with the wiring towards it or the PCM. The wiring should be not too difficult to check, but most probably will not be the fault in this case. Experiences from others with this same fault point towards the PCM.