What caste is Malla?

The Malla dynasty (Nepali: मल्ल वंश) was the ruling Kshatriya dynasty of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal from 1201 to 1779. They were a Raghuvanshi dynasty who were seen as the descendants of the Licchavi dynasty.

Who is the first thakuri King of Nepal?

In the early 7th Century, Amshuvarma, the first Thakuri king took over the throne from his father-in-law who was a Lichhavi. He married off his daughter Bhrikuti to the famous Tibetan King Tsong Tsen Gampo thus establishing good relations with Tibet.

Who are the original inhabitants of Nepal?

The first documented tribes in Nepal are the Kirat people, who arrived into Nepal from Tibet roughly 4000 to 4500 years ago and moved into the Kathmandu valley and southern parts of Nepal, before being made to retreat elsewhere by the invading Licchavais from India who ruled the Kathmandu valley in modern-day southern …

Are gorkhas Rajputs?

Richard Temple asserts that the some of the ruling dynasties of Nepal valley were of patrilineal “Aryan Rajput” descent and matrilineal aboriginal descent. He further contends that the royal house of Gorkha were such half-caste Rajputs. Thakuris who are regarded as ruling clans of Nepal are also referred to as Rajputs.

Is Malla A Newar?

The Malla period was a golden one that stretched over 600 years, as they presided over and flourished the Newar civilization of Nepal Mandala which developed as one of the most sophisticated urban civilisation in the Himalayan foothills and a key destination in the India-Tibet trade route.

What does Malla mean?

The Mallas were the ruling clan of the Malla Mahajanapada. The Mallas had been forced out of India and their name can be found in the Mahabharat and in Buddhist literature. The first of the Malla kings came to power in Kathmandu Valley around 1200.

Which caste is Malla Thakuri?

Technically Thakuri belong to Chhetri caste. Thakuri is considered to be ruler clan. Its is claimed that Thakuri are originated from Jat of Rajsthan, India. First Thakuri king in Nepal was Ansu-Barma (605-629 AD) who ruled during Lichhivi Period (approx 400-877 AD).

Is thakuri a Mongolian?

” for your kind information thakuri are not mongolian and are not pure aryan also, thakuri origin are like the origin of kshetriya rajpoot origin like sak,jat, huns, khas e.tc. and braman father and sak,jat, huns, khas mother. though some thakuri have mixed with aryan and some have mixed with mongolian .

Who created caste system in Nepal?

King Jayasthiti Malla
The earliest detailed record of the caste system operating in Nepal occurs in the Kathmandu valley during the reign of the Newari King Jayasthiti Malla (1380- 1394) where 64 different castes were allotted different tasks and ranks in the hierarchy.

What caste is thakuri?

Thakuri (Nepali: ठकुरी) is a caste in Nepal. Thakuri traditionally constituted the ruling and warrior classes. Traditionally, the Thakuris’ main occupations involved government, agriculture and military.

Is Singh a Newar?

Jyāpu group, consisting of several sub-castes or clan- Maharjan, Dangol, Awale, Suwāl, Duwal, Singh, Kumha/Prajāpati, Khusa/Tandukār, etc. and form close to 45% of the entire Newar population. Among others, the Jyapus were turned into Shudra class-caste category during the Malla period.

What was the main occupation of the Thakuri?

Thakuri ( Nepali: ठकुरी) is a caste in Nepal. Thakuri traditionally constituted the ruling and warrior classes. Traditionally, the Thakuris’ main occupations involved government, agriculture and military. ^ “Nepal Census 2011” (PDF).

When did the Thakuri dynasty come to power in Nepal?

So, it can be concluded that the Nepal Era was started in 869 A.D., during the reign of Raghav Dev to commemorate the occasion of the Thakuri dynasty coming into power and the end of the Lichchhavi dynasty. After the death of King Raghava Dev, many Thakuri kings ruled over Nepal up to the middle of the 12th century A.D.

When did the Thakuris regain power after Amshuverma?

After Amshuverma, the Thakuris had lost power and they could regain it only in 869 A.D. The importance of this for the Thakuris must have been even greater because during Amshuverma’s time they were only regents, but they became all powerful as the sovereign in 896 A.D.

Where do most Thakuri people live in Nepal?

Most Thakuri people live in western Nepal and India’s northeastern states. There are some scattered Thakuris in other parts of India as well. What Are Their Lives Like? Today many Thakuris are landlords who control the agricultural means of production.