What can you do with a voodoo doll?

Bad people delighting in hurting cannot think of always staying unpunished, black magic with voodoo doll is an outstanding mean to cast curses, hexes and spells for the benefit of those seeking revenge and justice.

Who are the voodoo spirits in New Orleans?

Marie Laveau is a Loa who once lived in New Orleans. There are other families of Voodoo Spirits that we won’t detail here including Igbo and Kongo, both heavily revered in Haiti. In addition, the New Orleans Voodoo tradition works with some spirits that might not have a traditional Nanchon (family) including Marie Laveau, Dr. John, and Black Hawk.

Where does the soul go after death in Voodoo?

Soul in Voodoo. Voodoo believers understand the soul not as a compact unity, but divide it into two parts, the Ti-bon-ange (vital spark and conscience – Voodoo) and the Gros-bon-ange (the individual and immortal soul, also can be equated to the ego. After physical death it returns to the underworld of the minds).

What are the basic principles of voodoo magic?

The principle of Voodoo Magic lies in the connection with Gods (Loas) and spirits. Voodoo Magic is about worshipping of these Gods, spirits and ancestors. Voodoo priest makes connection with Gods and spirits through performing magic rituals and prayers.

The voodoo doll is a focus tool for prayers, spells and meditation. Either hold the doll or place it on an altar where you can focus on it. You can add special items, like anointing oils, to increase the power of the doll and make the message clearer. Candle magic is especially effective for sending your message clear into the spirit world.

Who are the spirits in the voodoo religion?

“Voodoo” means “spirit of God.” Believers of voodoo hold true to one distant yet ever-present God, yet they speak with the spirits, called the Loa. The Loa are our dead ancestors and the messengers of the Creator.

How did Voodoo change in the New World?

In the days following Christopher Columbus’ exploration of the new world, voodoo began to change. As droves of African slaves were brought to the Americas, religions and customs began to mix. Voodoo became a mish-mash of European folk magic, Native American healing arts and Catholicism.