What can I do instead of Christmas cards?

11 Green Alternatives to Christmas Cards

  • Alternative #1: Make a holiday slideshow.
  • Alternative #2: Send an e-card.
  • Alternative #3: Send an electronic newsletter.
  • Alternative #4: Prepare a voice greeting or a short holiday video.
  • Alternative #5: Pick up the phone.
  • Alternative #6: Make it a postcard.

How do you make a virtual holiday card?

How to make online holiday cards:

  1. Choose a free holiday card template. Peruse our wide selection of holiday card designs to find the relevant template, and then click “Personalize”.
  2. Select a photo that fits the holiday.
  3. Make sure your holiday card is personalized.
  4. Share your custom holiday cards.

What can I use instead of a card?

Five Alternatives to Purchasing a Birthday Card

  • Make a Card Out of Found Objects.
  • Chalk the Sidewalk.
  • Use Icing, Frosting, or Vegetable Letters.
  • Write on a Photograph.
  • Write a Letter.

How do you make your own Christmas card?

Making Christmas Cards by Hand Start early. Choose a format. Sketch a basic design. Choose and buy paper and envelopes for your cards. Purchase supplies and decorations. Do a test run. Write out your messages on the card. Decorate your cards. Allow cards to set.

How do you design your own Christmas card?

How to make a Christmas card Choose a Christmas card template or design one from scratch. Upload your own photos for a personal touch – or choose one from Canva ’s image library, which has over 2 million beautiful stock images. Add your personal message. Print, download or share your Christmas card.

What is a holiday greeting?

Holiday greetings are a selection of goodwill greetings used around the world to address strangers, family, coworkers or friends during the Christmas and holiday season, which spans an approximate timeframe of late November through January.