What axles are in a Jeep Wagoneer?

SJ Wagoneer: Grand Wagoneers, Full Size Wagoneers and Full Size Cherokees/Cherokee Chiefs came standard with Dana 44 front axles, and either the Dana 44 or AMC 20 rear axles. These are also prime candidates for swaps into smaller Jeeps.

Will YJ axles fit CJ?

No matter which axle, only the rear axle will work in the CJ. If the axles were fabbed up for a YJ frame then the spring perches will be set wider than your CJ frame. …

What vehicles use Dana 44?

The Dana 44 was introduced after World War II and is commonly found under the front and rear of a wide variety of Jeeps, as well as International Harvester, Dodge, Studebaker and Ford trucks, and even under the rear of Isuzu Rodeos and Honda Passports up until the mid-’90s.

What axles are in a 1974 cj5?

Axles are Dana 30 front and Dana 44 rear. It also has 11×2 Bendix drum brakes and should have come with 15×6 5 on 5.5 rims and F78x15 tires.

What jeeps have Dana 44 axles?

Rear Axle

  • 1948-1975 CJ.
  • 2003–2014 Wrangler Rubicon.
  • 2006–2010 Grand Cherokee SRT8.
  • 2004–2006 Wrangler “LJ” Unlimited.
  • 1997–2006 Wrangler (optional: available starting 7 July 1997)
  • 2007–2015 Wrangler (optional on 2007, standard ’08-present)
  • 1987–1990 XJ (tow package)
  • 1987–1992 MJ (Big-Ton/Burly Package/Metric ton)

What axles came in a cj7?

From 1976 to 1980, the CJ-7 used a Dana 20 transfer case, Dana 30 front axle (27- or 31-spline), and an 29-spline AMC 20 rear axle, while in recent years, Laredo package added tachometer, chrome bumpers, tow/recovery hooks and interior, comfortable leather seats, and clock.

What does Dana 44 axle mean?

The Dana/Spicer Model 44 is an automotive axle manufactured by Dana Holding Corporation and is used extensively among automobile manufacturers and in the automotive aftermarket area as well. The Dana 44 has been manufactured as a beam axle and independent suspension for both front and rear axle setups.

What Dana 44 will fit a YJ?

Mopar’s JK Rubicon Dana 44s Fit Under YJ Wranglers Too For a total of approximately $3,000, both front and rear Rubicon Dana 44s that come complete with disc brakes, electric lockers, and 4.10 gears will be delivered to your home or dealer ready for installation.

Is the Dana 44 strong?

It used to be that the Dana 44 was considered to be a fairly stout axle. But as trails got tougher and tires got larger, the 44 got dumped in favor of even stronger hardware. But the Dana 44 is a pretty stout piece, and many companies offer parts to make your 44 even stronger than it now is.

What is Dana 30 axle?

The Dana/Spicer Model 30 is an automotive axle manufactured by Dana Holding Corporation. It has been manufactured as a beam axle and independent suspension axle with several versions.

How do you tell if I have a Dana 44 or 60?

Many Dana axles have the model ID cast into the fins or centersection. Look for a “44” or “60” cast into the reinforcement ribs. The number can usually be found on the lower right side rib below the differential cover, but it may also be found on other ribs or on top of the main cast structure.

How big is the rear axle on a jeep J20?

If you can find one, if you can get a 1970-ish J20 rear, it has a WMS of a mid size (65″) and comes in a non C-clip 35 spline axle with 5 x 5.5 bolt pattern. A strong stock axle wiht a reasonable bolt pattern and not too wide.

When did the Jeep J Series pickup truck come out?

The J-Series Pickups was a full sized pickup truck produced from 1963 until 1987 under several model designations during its production years. The J-Series Pickup truck model numbers were used to identify the trucks wheelbase and GVW and had changed over the years.

What’s the gear ratio on a Jeep J XX?

Front axles were closed knuckle Dana 44 until the J-xx. (Wagoneers used Dana 27A’s until ’74). Rears were Dana 44 in 1/2T, Dana 60 in 3/4T and Dana 70 dually in 1T. Standard gear ratios were 3.90 with optional 4.27 & 4.88 in 1/2 & 3/4T models. 1T models came with 4.88 and had 5.89 as an option.

What kind of slip is in a Jeep J 10?

Power-Lok limited slips were optional in all models (rear only) Project Invasion is a 1975 Jeep J-10 pickup that is being built to accomplish two goals. During the week, the truck will be a work truck to drive around town. During the weekends, the truck needs to be ready to hit the high mountain passes for camping and exploration.