What are your areas of improvement best answer?

3 Good Example Answers To “What Area’s Need Improvement?”Answer 1. “I feel there’s always room to improve communication skills. Answer 2. “I’m proficient in a handful of programming languages. Answer 3. “There’s a lot of value in being able to speak with customers.

What are the leaders areas of improvement?

15 Ways To Improve Your Leadership Skills At Work#1 Have A Clear Vision. #2 Show You’re Passionate. #3 Walk The Walk. #4 Make Concrete Plans. #5 Remember That It’s Not About You. #6 Stay Positive. #7 Improve Your Communication Skills. #8 Admit Your Weaknesses.

What are the 2 areas that the leader could work on?

10 Things You Need to Work On to Be a LeaderKeep learning because you don’t know it all. No one knows it all and you can always learn from other leaders within your company. Over communicate. Share credit. Don’t micromanage. Accept the right criticism. Set clear expectations for your employees. Adapt to change. Be a good listener.

What are leadership weaknesses?

6 Leadership Weaknesses and How to Fix ThemLack of trust in employees. New leaders often either micromanage employees or take on more tasks than they can handle, all because they don’t trust their teams to perform as well as they do. Excessive connectivity. Stagnancy. Needing to be liked. Hypocrisy. Failing to set clear expectations.