What are the types of visa in Kuwait?

There are three types of Kuwait Residence Visa, Domestic Visa, Work Visa, and Dependent Visa. All three Visas require a sponsor.

What is Article 18 C visa in Kuwait?

Visa 18 for Kuwait is a customized Kuwait work visa required for working in the country. GDC specializes in providing this facility for workers willing to work for a Kuwaiti company.

How many types of work visas are there in Kuwait?

There are three main types of this visa — work, domestic, and dependent.

When visa will open in Kuwait?

Re-opening for VAC in Kuwait City: 2nd August 2020 The VAC will provide the following limited services until further notice. Return of decision envelopes to applicants. Your decision envelope will be returned to you via the courier service offered by the VAC.

What is Article 19 visa in Kuwait?

Article 19 residency permits an expat to hold residence as an investor or foreign partner in a commercial or industrial activity provided the share of the expat partner in the company is not less than 100,000 dinars according to the conditions laid by the Ministry of Commerce.

What is the age limit to work in Kuwait?

Kuwait has no official working age limit, although they do have a hiring limit to age under 60 years old for foreign employees. You must be under 60 years old. Minimum age Kuwait work permit is 21 years old. Kuwait labor law.

How can I change my Kuwait visa from 20 to 18?

Answer: We are sorry but you cannot change your visa from 20 to 18. The only opportunity for you is to cancel your 20 visa, exit Kuwait and come back on visa 18 but this can only be possible if you get a company willing to offer you a job and for that matter a visa for your return to Kuwait.

How can I get 18 visa in Kuwait?

A person cannot work in Kuwait using a visit visa. Work visa in the country is issued under Article 17 and 18 of the immigration regulations of Kuwait. To get this visa, the employer has to submit a copy of the employee’s passport to get a work permit from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour Affairs.

Are visit visas open for Kuwait?

Yes, all Indian passport holders require a visit to visit Kuwait. Indians are eligible for an eVisa. The electronic visa system (eVisa) will allow foreign citizens to receive Kuwait visa online, relieving them from necessity of applying for the visa at the Embassy.

How can I get soon visa for Kuwait?

Applicants need the following documents to submit a Kuwait eVisa application:

  1. Passport valid for at least six (6) months from the intended arrival date in Kuwait.
  2. An image of the passport biographical page.
  3. A valid credit or debit card to pay the Kuwait eVisa fee.
  4. GCC Residency Card – if applicable.

What is Article 22 Kuwait visa?

Kuwait: Article 22 (Family dependent) residence permits granted by nationality group and sex of holder (2014) Residency procedures do not apply to GCC nationals. The bidoun, a stateless population, are not included in the residency documents holders.

How can I transfer my visa 20 to visa 18 in Kuwait?

What is the Type 14 visa in Kuwait?

, lives in Kuwait (2011-present) It is actually called Article 14 visa. It is a temporary visa given to expats in Kuwait while the paper work for family visa ( Article 22 ) or Work visa ( Article 18 ) is being processed by the Ministry. In short it is a Temporary Residence Visa.

What is the Article 18 visa in Kuwait?

Article 18 states that a person who enters Kuwait under work visa is permitted to work and thereby issued a work permit. His / her residence on passport is stamped under visa #18. People who hold visa #18 will pay KD 50/ — as health insurance fees in additional to KD 10 residence fee per year.

How to apply for an e-visa in Kuwait?

The main applicant (Sponsor) should be present with the dependents upon arrival to Kuwait. Upon your arrival, a visa fee of 3KD may apply after obtaining the visa at the border entry point. The validity of the passport must exceed six months when applying for e-Visa.

How long can you stay in Kuwait with a visa?

Visitors can stay in Kuwait up to 30 days after entry. Kuwait visit visa costs KD3.00 Entry permits are free. If you are holding a Kuwait visit visa, you can only stay up to a maximum of 30 days in the country. If you extend your stay, you will have to pay KD10.00 per day.