What are the phases of the Moon in Wicca?

One of the most distinct symbols in Wicca that features the Moon is the Triple Moon Goddess. It contains three different phases; the waxing, full and waning moon phases. A brief run down behind the meaning of this symbol is that it represents the three forms of the Goddess: The Maiden, the Mother and the Crone.

How does the phases of the moon affect Magick?

Below is a list of Moon phases, and the energy they create. This will tell you when the best time is to work any magick spell. One of the greatest powers of the Moon is its affect on the tide. The Moon phase affects the tides not only of the ocean, but of the atmosphere and even the Earth. And of course, it affects people and animals too.

What does the full moon mean to Wiccans?

The Full Moon is the time of abundance, harvest, manifesting desires, sexuality, achievement, and protection. The Goddess is in her Mother stage and she is at her peak, and the moon’s energy is also at its peak.

How is the waning moon related to Wicca?

If you do the same with your left hand, you get the direction of the Waning Moon. The left, in Wicca, is the hand of releasing, undoing, and receiving. The Waning Moon, with this same energy, echoes the shape of the left-hand ” C ” shape.

What does dark of the Moon mean in Wicca?

The Dark of the moon is the time when the moon appears to be completely covered in darkness. This is a time of the Crone, the Dark Goddess Hecate and a time to banish negative energies from our lives. We gather together during the Dark Moon Esbat to honour and understand the darker mysteries of the Goddess.

What does the waning moon mean in Wicca?

It is also the time for spells about spirituality, psychic development, dreams and divination. The Waning Moon means the Mother Goddess is in her Crone stage, making it the perfect time for letting go, clearing away, cleansing, releasing, shedding old patterns, and undoing bindings. This is a time of personal reflection.

Why are there different phases of the Moon?

There are energies associated with different moon phases. Each one is great for utilizing in specific rituals and spells. This moon phase is ‘the beginning’ of a lunar cycle. Once a month there will be several nights when the Moon seems to have disappeared completely from the sky. During this time the Moon hides behind the Sun for a few days.