What are the main objectives of Sundar Industrial Estate?

The objective was to develop an industrial estate where issues of industrialists are handled and problems solved through ‘One Window’ operation. There are more than 450 factories in production (as of June 15, 2016) and more than two hundred are expected to join in production within the next year.

What is meant by industrial estate?

An industrial estate is a place where the required facilities and factory accommodation are provided by the government to the entrepreneurs to establish their industries there. In India, industrial estates have been utilised as an effective tool for the promotion and growth of small-scale industries.

How many industries does Sundar Industrial Estate have?

400 factories
There are over 400 factories in production in Sundar Industrial Estate and contributing to the economy by generating employment of 70 – 80 thousand persons.

What are the roles of industrial estate?

Industrial estate provides premises i.e. Land and Factory Shed for the establishment of a new industrial undertaking and also other amenities such as power, water, transport etc. at a reasonable, cost. Hence the entrepreneur is able to produce goods at cheaper costs.

What are the characteristics of industrial estate?

The following are the salient features of industrial estates:

  • Separate plots and sheds: The entire land area allocated to the estate is divided into different plots and sheds.
  • Cluster: An industrial estate is a planned cluster of units.
  • Regional development: Industrial estates promote regional development.

What are the main industries in Pakistan?

As of 2010, the spinning capacity in Pakistan had 10 million spindles, and textile exports were valued at $15.5 billion, and some of the major industries in the country include fertilizer, cement, edible oil, steel, sugar, chemicals, tobacco, machinery, and food processing among others.

How many companies are there in Lahore?

Looking for Companies in Lahore? Here you will find 29777 companies in Lahore, Pakistan.

Who is the write of new industrial estate?

The New Industrial State is a 1967 book by John Kenneth Galbraith. Three revised editions appeared in 1972, 1978 and 1985.

What are the functions of industrial estate?

Objectives of Industrial Estates

  • Ensuring well planned and structured industrial development.
  • To provide the necessary infrastructure.
  • To provide common facilities to a number of industries.
  • To promote development of clusters.
  • To enable small units to source products from one another.
  • To enable dispersal of industries.

What is Pakistan’s biggest industry?

The country’s industrial output is approximately 4% of the country’s GDP and has cotton textile production and apparels manufacturing as the largest industry in the country accounting for 66% of all export items and employs approximately 40% labor force in the industry.

Which is the second largest industry in Pakistan?

food and beverage processing industry
The food and beverage processing industry is the 2nd largest industry of Pakistan after textiles, accounting for 27% of the value-added production and 16% of employment in the manufacturing sector.

Which is the biggest industry in Pakistan?

garment and textile industry
The garment and textile industry together with its related products is by far the single largest industry in Pakistan, and it is made up of 453 textile mills which are composed of 403 spinning units, 50 integrated units having 9.33 million spindles and 148,000 rotors.