What are the Air Canada Top Tier levels?

Status Requirements With the revamped program, there are still five Aeroplan Elite Status tiers: 25K, 35K, 50K, 75K, and Super Elite. To obtain status, you need to fulfill either the SQM or SQS requirements, in addition to the corresponding SQD requirement, in a calendar year.

What are the different levels of Aeroplan?

Aeroplan Elite Status is broken up into five tiers: 25K, 35K, 50k, 75k, and super elite – each with their own qualification requirements and benefits.

What is 25K status?

Reach Aeroplan 25K Status when you earn 25,000 SQM or 25 SQS, in addition to $3,000 in SQD.

What is elite 35K?

As an Aeroplan 35K Member, earn vouchers eligible for Economy travel within Canada and between Canada and the U.S. When you choose this Select Benefit, Status Qualifying Miles will be deposited into your Aeroplan account for every eligible Flight Pass activity to help you qualify for Aeroplan Elite Status.

How do I use Air Canada e upgrades?

How to request your eUpgrade

  1. Through your eUpgrade account online or by contacting Air Canada Reservations.
  2. When you check in online, on your mobile device, or at an airport kiosk.
  3. With an agent at the airport.
  4. At the departure gate on your day of travel.

What are Aeroplan sqm?

You can earn Status Qualifying Miles (SQM) and Status Qualifying Segments (SQS) just by spending daily on your eligible Aeroplan credit card.

How do I check my Aeroplan 50K status?

Reach Aeroplan 50K Status when you earn 50,000 SQM or 50 SQS, in addition to $6,000 in SQD. The benefits outlined below are valid throughout the calendar year.

How do I get 50K on Air Canada?

How can I get a free upgrade on Air Canada?

Be a Frequent Flyer And more often than not, it’s the frequent flyers with elite status who are eligible for a free flight upgrade. Make sure to sign up for the airline’s rewards programs; signing up for Air Canada Altitude, for example, can help you score a seat upgrade.

How do I get Aeroplan eUpgrade?

How to earn eUpgrade credits. As an Aeroplan Elite Status Member, receive eUpgrade credits as part of your Core Benefits, choose them as a Select Benefit, or earn them by crossing an eligible eUpgrade threshold.

What is sqm Air Canada?

You can earn Status Qualifying Miles (SQM) and Status Qualifying Segments (SQS) just by spending daily on your eligible credit card.

What is Air Canada EDQ?

And to spend $3,000 worth of Status Qualifying Dollars (SQD). Now, 100,000 Everyday Status Qualification Points (EDQ) will also do the trick. Benefits for Aeroplan 25K status members include: Priority seat selection.

How many destinations does Air Canada fly to?

Air Canada is the flag carrier and largest airline of Canada. Founded in 1936, Air Canada flies to 200 destinations on five continents. Air Canada is part of the Star Alliance network, a group of 27 airlines which fly to over 1300 destinations in the world. Anyone can sign up for free to become an Aeroplan member.

What are the benefits of Air Canada Altitude?

Air Canada Elite Status. Elite Status Benefits. Air Canada also operates their own elite status program, called Altitude. This is the more typical elite status program that many travelers are familiar with, rewarding frequent flyers of Air Canada with upgrades, bonus mile earnings, and airport lounge access.

What do you get with elite status on Air Canada?

As an Elite Status Member, you receive exclusive gifts and earn additional eUpgrade credits to use towards our premium cabins, just for flying with Air Canada and the Star Alliance member airlines.

What are the bonus categories for Air Canada?

Bonus Categories: Earn 1.5 Miles/$ on Gas, Grocery, Drug Stores, and at aircanada.com. Earn up to 3 Miles/$ on participating CIBC Bonus Rewards Partners.