What are the 20 biggest cities in China?


Name 2021 Population
Shanghai 22,315,474
Beijing 11,716,620
Tianjin 11,090,314
Guangzhou 11,071,424

What are the 15 largest cities in China?

15 Biggest Cities In China

Rank City Population (in million inhabitants) in 2019
1 Shanghai 26
2 Beijing 20
3 Chongqing 15
4 Tianjin 13

What are China’s 10 largest cities?

  • Shanghai — 23.4 million people. Area: 3,900 km2 (1,500 sq mi)
  • Beijing — 18.8 million people. Area: 4,100 km2 (1,600 sq mi)
  • Tianjin — 12.8 million people.
  • Shenzhen — 12.7 million people.
  • Guangzhou — 11.6 million people.
  • Chengdu — 10.2 million people.
  • Chongqing — 8.5 million people.
  • Dongguan — 8.3 million people.

What is the biggest city in China 2020?

Shanghai was the largest city in China in 2020, followed by Beijing with around 20 million inhabitants.

What are the 3 most populated cities in China?

Urban population

Rank City Province
1 Shanghai#~
2 Beijing⍟#
3 Chongqing#
4 Tianjin#~

What are the 5 largest cities in China and population?

Top 10 Largest Cities in China by Population

  • Chongqing – 31.2 Million People. Area: 82,400 sq.
  • Shanghai – 24.3 Million People. Area: 6,340 sq.
  • Beijing – 21.5 Million People.
  • Chengdu – 16.6 Million People.
  • Tianjin – 15.6 Million People.
  • Guangzhou – 15.3 Million People.
  • Shenzhen – 13.4 Million People.
  • Wuhan – 11.2 Million People.

Which is the richest city in China?

On this criteria, Dongguan, one of the four most vibrant cities of Guangdong Province, won the title of the richest Chinese city, followed by Xinjiang’s Karamay and Jiangsu’s Suzhou.

Is Shanghai the largest city in the world?

The Largest Cities In The World By Population

Rank City Population 2020
1 Tokyo 37,393,129
2 Delhi 30,290,936
3 Shanghai 27,058,479
4 São Paulo 22,043,028

Which is bigger Shanghai or Beijing?

They are both big, with Shanghai at close to 25 million and Beijing around 22 million, and I have lived in each for over 5 years collectively. Both have their own special features.

What is the smallest city in China?

Beijing, Nov. 1 (PD Online) –Yumai village, located in Tibet Autonomous Region, has only 28 residents from eight families, making it the least-populated village in China.

Is Guangzhou the biggest city in the world?

China is building the world’s largest city — and it already has more people than South Korea. It’s made up of the cities of Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Guangzhou, Foshan, and Zhaoqing.

What is the cleanest city in China?

Hong Kong has become the cleanest city in China, with a total score of 89.3. Macao and Xiamen of Fujian Province rank the second and third respectively.

What are China’s largest and richest cities?

China’s Top 10 Largest Cities Shanghai – 23.4 million people. Shanghai is the undisputed most populous and wealthiest city in China. Beijing – 18.8 million people. Beijing is large primarily because it is China’s capital. Tianjin – 12.8 million people. Shenzhen – 12.7 million people. Guangzhou – 11.6 million people. Chengdu – 10.2 million people. Chongqing – 8.5 million people.

What are the top 10 most populated cities in China?

As of 2020, urban areas serve as home to 61.4% of China’s population, a notable increase from just 17.92% in 1978. Six Chinese cities host populations of over 10 million. As of 2019, Shanghai, Beijing, and Chongqing are the biggest cities in China with populations of 26, 20, and 15 million inhabitants, respectively.

Which US cities have the highest Chinese population?

New York City contains by far the highest ethnic Chinese population of any individual city outside Asia, estimated at 628,763 as of 2017. The Los Angeles County city of Monterey Park has the highest percentage of Chinese Americans of any municipality, at 43.7% of its population, or 24,758 people.

What are the most populous cities in China?

Shanghai is China’s most populous city. It is situated on the estuary of the Yangtze River. The city is the largest industrial, commercial and financial center in the country. 2. Beijing. Population: 16 million. Beijing is China’s second largest city in terms of population just after Shanghai.