What are some questions about Christmas?

Conversation Questions Christmas

  • Did it snow last year at Christmas?
  • Did you believe in Santa Claus when you were a child?
  • Did you enjoy last Christmas?
  • Do people behave differently during Christmas?
  • Do you attend any special religious ceremonies during the Christmas season?
  • Do you celebrate Christmas in your country?

How is Christmas celebrated in Hungary?

It is a day full of celebrations: during the day families raise and decorate their Christmas trees, sing Christmas carols, prepare the Christmas meals and drinks, and generally in the evening they give Christmas presents to each other.

What is Santa called in Hungary?

Mikulás (or Szent Miklós) is the Hungarian version of Saint Nicholas, and a similar figure to Santa Claus. In many cities, Mikulás is getting more conflated with Santa Claus.

What is a traditional Christmas dinner in Hungary?

The main Christmas meal, which is also eaten on Christmas Eve, consists of fish (often fish soup called ‘Halászlé’ which is made with carp or other freshwater fish), stuffed cabbage (the leaves are stuffed with rice, mince pork, onion, garlic and other herbs) and a special kind of poppy bread/cake called ‘Beigli’ is a …

When was Christmas first celebrated?

December 25, 336 AD (Rome)
Christmas Day/Date of first occurrence

Who brings Christmas presents in Hungary?

Hungary follows an annual Christmas gift tradition in celebration of the Christian holiday. Most Christmas or winter gift-bringers are represented by a man or a (godly) child and bring presents on St. Nicholas Day (December 6), at Christmas (December 24 or 25), New Year (January 1) or Epiphany (January 6).

How long do Hungarians celebrate Christmas?

This holiday, only 12 days before Christmas, acts as the real starting point of holiday celebrations throughout Hungary. Locals will spend the remainder of those 12 days practicing folky traditions that are meant to ward off evil.

What are some Hungarian traditions?

Here are ten Hungarian holiday traditions that we pass from our family to yours this holiday season.

  • Advent Wreaths. In Hungary, the countdown to Christmas is marked by traditional advent wreaths.
  • Mikulás.
  • Luca Day.
  • Love Spells.
  • Christmas Tree.
  • Holiday Feast.
  • Poppy Seed Desserts.
  • Holiday Markets.

When do they start to celebrate Christmas in Hungary?

Hungarian Christmas Customs and Celebrations. Christmas in Hungary is celebrated on December 25 and sometimes preceded by the observance of the Advent, but no matter how you are celebrating your Hungarian Christmas this holiday seasons, there’s plenty in store for travelers during this festive time of year.

What do they put on a Hungarian Christmas tree?

Since the 19th century, it has been Hungarian custom to decorate the holiday tree with szaloncukor, a sweet fondant often covered in chocolate and wrapped in shiny colored foil. Other decorations include shiny glass ornaments and handmade decorations embroidered with traditional Hungarian designs.

What do they leave out for Santa Claus in Hungary?

In the U.S., kids leave out cookies and milk for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Hungarian children, on the other hand, leave their shoes and boots on the windowsill for Mikulás to fill them with goodies on December 6. Jesus, or Jézuska, is the gift giver on Christmas Eve.

What foods do they eat in Hungary for Christmas?

In any case, the main dish is accompanied by side dishes such as stuffed cabbage, poppy seed rolls, and other pastries that finish off the meal, and Hungarians’ favorite candy, the szaloncukor, which also decorates the Christmas tree, is in plentiful supply for dessert and Hungarian wine and spirits are also present at the holiday table.