What are some Pennsylvania Dutch sayings?

Features of Pennsylvania German influence

Pennsylvania Dutch English term Standard English term
Don’t eat yourself full. Don’t fill yourself up.
There’s cake back yet. There is cake to come.
It wonders me. It makes me wonder.
Spritzing Lightly raining

What does Nix Nux mean?

der Nixnutz ˘ˊ ˘ noun. mischievous child.

What does the Amish word GMAY mean?

gmay / gmayna – lowercase g is referring to the Amish community who worship together.

What is a Heevahava?

Q: What’s a heevahava? Mark: [It’s] Pennsylvania Dutch slang for both a hillbilly and – how do I put this? Omar: It’s a person who helps a male horse mate.

What does it mean to be nixed?

US, informal. : to refuse to accept or allow (something) : veto, reject The court nixed the merger.

What does Exnay mean?

transitive verb. informal : to reject or put a stop to (something) : nix Edie’s mercilessly catty comeback to Susan when the latter finds her hot date with Mike ixnayed by Kendra’s arrival.— Mike Flaherty Though President Bush ixnayed that idea, Wilkinson is still optimistic.— James Glave.

What does Ferhoodled mean?

verb (used with object), fer·hoo·dled, fer·hoo·dling. Chiefly Pennsylvania German Area. to confuse or mix up: Don’t ferhoodle the things in that drawer.

Is there a grammar for the Pennsylvania Dutch language?

It is not really a written language, and there are no grammar rules. Pennsylvania Dutch is a dialect. It is a mixture of three languages: German, Dutch, and English. Whenever I write Pennsylvania Dutch words, I simply spell them the way they sound to me in English.

What are some good sayings in Pennsylvania Dutch?

Here is a look at some good Pennsylvania Dutch sayings to know. Alle Daag rumhersitze macht em faul. – Sitting all day makes one lazy. Der Keenich muss mer erhehe. – On must exalt the King. Der Siffer hot zu viel geleppert. – The drunkard had just sipped too much. Die sunn is am unnergeh.

Do you have any interest in learning Pennsylvania Dutch?

Do you have any interest in learning Pennsylvania Dutch? Pennsylvania Dutch is the language the Amish speak. And it has been brought to my attention that there appears to be some interest in learning Pennsylvania Dutch, especially among people that love the Amish.

Who was the last generation to speak Pennsylvania Dutch?

Pennsylvania Dutch is widely spoken in the Old Order Amish and Old Order Mennonite communities. With a variety of words and phrases to know, the World War II Generation was the last generation that widely spoke Pennsylvania Dutch (which is actually a German dialect, and varies across regions of the US).