What are some good Christmas quiz questions?

The best Christmas quiz questions

  • Which country started the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree?
  • How many ghosts show up in A Christmas Carol?
  • In Home Alone, where are the McCallisters going on holiday when they leave Kevin behind?
  • Which country did eggnog originate?

What are good rounds for a quiz?

41 of the best alternative quiz round ideas

  1. Household item challenges.
  2. Name the album cover.
  3. Name the book from the cover.
  4. Put these famous faces in age order.
  5. Name that ghost.
  6. One letter answers.
  7. Celeb pseudonyms.
  8. What country are you in if…

How can I make a quiz more interesting?

5 Tips for Building Awesome Trivia Quizzes

  1. The title of the quiz should be fun and timely.
  2. Have a strategy for what topics your questions will cover given the title.
  3. Order the questions to make the user feel like they’re on a thrill ride.
  4. Randomly position your correct answers.

What are the best quiz categories?

The Best Fun Trivia Categories For Your Next Family Quiz Night

  • Everyday Science Trivia. You can assess your children’s knowledge by asking them good trivia topics that are related to the world around us.
  • Maths Trivia.
  • Nature Around Us Trivia.
  • Sports Trivia.
  • Seasons Trivia.
  • Movies Trivia.
  • Music Trivia.
  • Games Trivia.

What spy hides around the house?

Before the family wakes up each morning, the scout elf flies back from the North Pole and hides. By hiding in a new spot each morning around the house, the scout elf plays an ongoing game of hide and seek with the family.

What are some good quiz questions?

My 40 great example questions for hosting your first quiz

  • How many time zones are there in Russia? (
  • What’s the national flower of Japan? (
  • How many stripes are there on the US flag? (
  • What’s the national animal of Australia? (
  • How many days does it take for the Earth to orbit the Sun? (

What is a good quiz question?

The best general knowledge quiz questions. What’s the biggest animal in the world? How many times has Andy Murray won Wimbledon playing singles? Which country is brie cheese originally from?

How can I spice up my trivia?

Top 10 Ways to Ensure You Knock Your Virtual Trivia Night Out of the Park

  1. Break the group into teams to maximize fun.
  2. Give the group time to catch up in meaningful ways.
  3. Ensure the trivia is creative.
  4. Make sure your questions include a mix of everything…
  5. 5. …
  6. Customize trivia to the group.

How do I make Christmas fun 2020?

How can I make Christmas fun? 23 ways to have an enjoyable Christmas in 2020

  1. Visit Santa virtually…
  2. ….
  3. Countdown to Christmas in style.
  4. Bake a gingerbread house.
  5. Support festive fayres without leaving the sofa.
  6. Take a funny festive photo.
  7. Get ahead with Christmas shopping.
  8. Hold a Kids Zoom Christmas party.

How do I make Christmas fun for kids?

(The next seven on this list are maybe my tops picks for fun Christmas Traditions for Kids!)

  1. Decorate a gingerbread house.
  2. Bake and decorate Christmas cookies.
  3. Write letters to Santa.
  4. Have a family slumber party.
  5. Have a Christmas movie night.
  6. Or Have every night is Christmas movie night.
  7. Family game night.

Did you know Christmas facts?

Amazing Christmas Facts for Children

  • Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • Christmas trees were first used by ancient Egyptians and Romans.
  • The term ‘Xmas’ simply means Christmas.
  • Santa Claus was known as Sinterklaas in Dutch.
  • Santa Claus did not always dress up in red clothes.

Which is the best Christmas quiz round for 2020?

The best Zoom Christmas quiz round ideas for 2020. 1 1. Santa’s reindeer. We all know Rudolph – but can you remember the other 12? 2 2. The 12 days of Christmas. 3 3. Nativity trivia. 4 4. Christmas traditions around the world. 5 5. White Christmases.

Are there any fun Christmas picture rounds on quizmaster?

There are even two fun Christmas picture rounds which are guaranteed to have you scratching your heads. My recommendation? Gather everyone around the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, choose someone to play quizmaster, print out the two fun Christmas picture rounds and then divide your guests into teams.

Is the countdown to Christmas a ready made game?

Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year with this ready-made game. It’s the countdown to Christmas and we’re getting ready to fully embrace the festive spirit by wearing our most cosy and ridiculously Christmassy jumpers and rewatching The Holiday and Elf for the 1567th time.

What are the first lines of Christmas number one?

First Lines of Christmas Number Ones – 2. Famous Josephs and Famous Marys. Oh Yes It Is !! Toys of the Year. Christmas Song Initials. Christmas Song Anagrams.