What are Godzilla figures worth?

Godzilla value and price guide

Title Date Price
Toynami Shogun Warriors Godzilla Mattel Kaiju Sofubi 09/2021 $220.27
Bandai 2018 Mechagodzilla 6 5 Inch Vinyl Figure Brand 09/2021 $42.00
1994 Trendmasters Godzillaking Of Monsters Mechafigure 09/2021 $16.37
Godzilla Glow In Dark Model Atlantis Reissue Aurora 09/2021 $28.50

Does NECA still make Godzilla figures?

While it initially produced merchandise specifically for the 2014 film, NECA has since released figures of many different versions of Godzilla. In 2019, it released figures for the monsters from the 2014 film’s sequel, Godzilla: King of the Monsters. NECA’s Godzilla line ended on August 2020, as Godzilla vs.

What is the most expensive Godzilla figure?

The most expensive Godzilla figure is $1.5 million, a 24-karot Godzilla made by a jeweler in honor of the 1998 Godzilla. It weighs 33 pounds! Bandai created a $39,000 Godzilla figure as well, which probably weighs even more since it’s 75.5 inches tall.

What is the biggest Godzilla figure?

Standing 24 inches tall and over 43 inches long, the Giant Size Godzilla figure from JAKKS Pacific is the largest on the market, and comes with 12 points of articulation (including a moving tail and mouth that opens in preparation for roaring, or perhaps some fire breath, depending on your imagination at the time).

What is the rarest Godzilla?

The rarest, Angilas, came out around the same time Bullmark went bankrupt in 1978. Bandai was the next would-be monster-manufacturer. It made Godzilla toys under the Popy brand until 1983, after which the toys were marked with the Bandai brand.

What is the most rarest Godzilla toy?

The collectible in question you ask? Well, it’s the 24-Karat Solid Gold Godzilla Figure By Ginza Tanaka which was released in 2014 to mark Godzilla’s 60th birthday. As if this insane Kaiju doesn’t get enough attention he’s literally been made into solid gold.

Did NECA lose their Godzilla license?

NECA has officially announced that they are done making Godzilla figures. Starting in mid-August, the company will no longer be selling any Godzilla figures nor other Godzilla merchandise.

Who has Godzilla license?

American films

# Title Current U.S. licenses
TriStar Pictures (1998)
1 Godzilla Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Legendary Pictures / MonsterVerse (2014–present)
2 Godzilla Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

What companies make Godzilla figures?


  • X-Plus (14)
  • Bandai (4)
  • Medicom Toy (2)
  • Mondo (2)
  • Aoshima (1)

What is a burning Godzilla?

“Burning Godzilla” was a brief-yet-popular transformation endured by the king of the monsters in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. Struck by a volcanic eruption, Godzilla inadvertently absorbed the energy from a hidden uranium deposit.

What was the first Godzilla figure?

A Japanese company named Marusan then developed a Godzilla figurine made out of vinyl, first sold in 1964. While Americans seemed to have little interest in Godzilla toys, the company sold vinyl monsters, model kits, and Godzilla tin toys in Japan until the end of the decade, when it went bankrupt.

Is Godzilla really the king of the monsters?

Godzilla has held the title of King of the Monsters since 1956 with the English release of Gojira, which was renamed Godzilla: King of the Monsters for American audiences. For many, he stands as the undisputed King of the Monsters.

What is the biggest Godzilla toy?

Jakks Pacific is an American toy company founded by Jack Friedman and Stephen Berman in 1995. In 2014, it released a Giant Size Godzilla to coincide with the release of Godzilla; at 24 inches tall and 43 inches long, it is the biggest Godzilla toy ever sold in the United States.

How many Godzilla films were made?

The film franchise consists of 35 films, 32 produced by Toho and three Hollywood films. The first film, Godzilla, was directed by Ishirō Honda and released by Toho in 1954 and became an influential classic of the genre. It featured political and social undertones relevant to Japan at the time.

Who directed Godzilla King of the monsters?

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is an American monster film directed and co-written by Michael Dougherty.