Want to Know How to Get a Job at Netflix? Read this.

Associating yourself with a brand name in your career helps you prove your mettle and carve a path for yourself. Especially if you are at the brink of adding the name Netflix to your resume, a lot is at stake! Netflix is one of the most popular companies which has a global presence and is a part of the FAANG group, alongside Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google. If you dream of working for Netflix, read the Netflix Interview Process on Interview Kickstart to get deeper insights into branding yourself for Netflix.

Developing and leveraging contacts

As a professional, you must know how important it is to make contact with the people who can help you in your career. Netflix always hires people who have aced their respective field of work and in order to reach the point where you are sitting before an interviewer from the company, you must learn to connect. If you get successful and are getting backed by an existing employee in the form of employee referral, there are pretty good chances that you may as well be asked for a telephonic interview. However, it must be noted that since the billion dollar video streaming company does not specifically ask its employees for referrals, you will have to prove your mettle.

A profile that resonates

You must understand that the selection criteria in companies largely depends on the keywords that they look for. No one is interested in going through your entire resume in the first go. Therefore, a pro tip here would be to customise your CV as per the job requirement.

For this, you will need to go through the job description thoroughly to understand what Netflix expects. Ensuring that your CV matches the job description increases your chances of getting a phone call from Netflix office. Also you can read about Download Netflix Mod APK For PC Windows.

Ace your base

Once you have figured out whom to connect, your next step should be how to go about it. Clearing out your base by applying for the relevant position increases your chances at getting hired. For instance, if you are fresh out of college, then applying for a job which requires experience of a few years will not make sense. In this case, you must focus on internships, coordinator jobs, etc. with Netflix. Also, it would reflect poorly on your part if you are not well researched about the company mission, vision, and content policies, even if it is for an entry level job.

The D- Day

Coming directly to the most awaited day which can take your career graph to soaring heights. Interviewing at Netflix is your ticket to have it all, power, money, and a portfolio that sells itself! So, better prepare in advance than blow it up. To begin with, dress to impress. A major chunk of your first impression depends on how you dress for the occasion and talking about Netflix, it has always preferred its employees to dress in business casuals as a way to feel more confident. Additionally, you must also carry a detailed profile of your work ex, and a portfolio to enable the recruiters know of your skills and type of work done.

The interview process

The duration of interviews at Netflix varies with the variations in job positions. The professional networking site indeed.com reports that while more than half of the employees said their interview lasted between a day to a week, there is another half which stated that their interview continued for longer than two weeks. More importantly, the interview experience is also difficult so you might need to pull up your socks. The interview is conducted in rounds, the number of which varies according to the type of position applied for. Usually the process combines the technical and behavioural aspects where the company is necessarily looking for courage, leadership, and good communication.

That’s your cue!

Obviously, the scope of questions is quite large for Netflix but you can mark major areas in which you must be well informed. Here are some of the tips to get started-

  • To begin with, get acquainted with the company values and how would you keep them intact. Netflix as a company is quite sensitive towards its policies and consumers.
  • If you have been called for an interview with Netflix, make sure you start preparing for answering questions regarding the product from a user perspective. Whether it is a technical or marketing job, it is essential to understand the key areas where the product works and where it needs improvement.
  • Critical thinking is a crucial criteria for Netflix and you must prepare yourself to face questions which assess this aspect of your personality.

Always remember, your dream job is always just an interview away. Go through Interview Kickstart on YouTube and watch learning videos to thoroughly prepare yourself for the big interview like Netflix and other FAANG companies.