Want To Find Out If Your Fiance Is Cheating On You Over Instagram?

Instagram has become immensely popular in recent times. People from all over the world and different age groups cannot seem to get enough of their presence on this platform.

Well, there is indeed no doubt that Instagram has immensely helped in connecting people and shattering boundaries. But there are countless cases where individuals use this platform to cheat on their partners. These people have turned Instagram into an easy channel for cyber-cheating, micro-cheating, and even online emotional affairs. You can, of course, add just anybody that you fancy. And there is no restriction on who you can privately message on Instagram. And before knowing it is easy to get swayed and start cheating on a committed partner.

Are you suspecting that your fiance might be cheating on you on Instagram?

Well, then you can find out easily how to see what pictures someone likes on Instagram and take prompt action. Yes, you can also monitor whose posts they are liking on Instagram and also their levels of Instagram engagement.

You will not be able to do so from the app itself because it has removed the feature. So in order to see what or rather “whose” pictures your fiance is liking on Instagram, and track their comments, you will need an Instagram tracking app. Once you know in whose posts they are liking the most, you can check if they regularly comment there or not. You would basically have to brush up a little of your investigator skills and to find it all out easily and tally with your suspicions.

One more thing that you can do is check when and for how much time your fiance is online on the platform. Instagram does not show if anyone is online. So for this, you have to check the private message section or DMs. If your fiance has DMed you ever on the platform, it would show on their chat whether they are online or not. You can track using that information, but first make sure to initiate a conversation in DM, otherwise, this method will be of no use.