Online shopping is becoming more and more popular every day. One of the prime reasons is that it can save a lot of money with various offers and discounts that are available online and is very efficient as it saves time and effort of roaming the local markets for a perfect piece a woman desires. There is also a vast collection of sarees available from all across India. Many textile companies have started their businesses online as they find it more profitable.

However, with a large number of websites and online vendors available online, one needs to be careful about where to buy a saree from and check for the right products. In this article, we would be talking about the important tips that need to be kept in mind before buying a wedding saree online.

1. Read the product reviews

It is important to note that shopping from a popular online store does not necessarily guarantee a good product. One cannot judge something as delicate as wedding sarees by just looking at it online. Thus, it is important to check the reviews of a saree individually before purchasing it. This is especially true for Kanchipuram sarees where there are no specific brands. One should always read the product reviews carefully as there may even be fake reviews of a product. Check the star rating too as it speaks volumes about a product.

2. Compare the Price

People tend to spend thousands or even lakhs on a wedding saree, thus it is important to compare the prices on different portals before proceeding for purchasing a saree. Make sure you check the other stores for the same saree before buying a saree from a particular online store. There can be a variation in prices of the same saree due to any ongoing sales and discounts. Ensure that you compare the price before purchasing.

3. Look for direct weaver sites

Many specialized weavers have started selling their products directly online. One should look for the direct weaver sites to purchase a saree rather than buying it through a middleman. This will eliminate all extra costs and help you save more money. You can also negotiate with the weavers directly and get the wedding sarees at a wholesale rate.

4. Check for duplicate products and return policy

Many online apparel websites sell duplicate products which cost less but the prices on the store are equivalent to the original wedding sarees. Make sure to read the return policy of the website before placing an order on the online store as many of them might not take returns. This way you would not be able to take legal action against them.

5. Take advice from friends and family

Many of your family members or friends might have purchased a wedding saree earlier from an online store. Their experience can help you in selecting the correct website for buying a wedding saree online. They would also be able to warn you about fake websites.

6. Check for offers and discounts

One can get good discounts on wedding sarees as there is a lot of competition in the online market. Most of the online bridal saree sites give festive as well as seasonal discounts to their customers. In case you are a regular visitor to a particular online website, you would know about the best time to shop at that store. Some sites also hold special sales for their regular customers.

7. Go for Cash on Delivery where available

While buying wedding sarees online for the first time, go for cash on delivery wherever possible. This way, you can pay after getting the product and checking it. This will also help you in staying away from cheaters.

8. Focus on your requirements

One can easily find a variety of silk sarees online while purchasing from an online store. However, make sure that you do not stray from your path while shopping online for wedding sarees. Make sure you purchase only what you require and within your budget. You should also have a clear idea about the style, fabric, color, and budget. Streamline your needs so that you choose the correct wedding saree from a huge collection.

9. Use the Chat Box

One of the biggest mistakes made by an individual while purchasing from an online store is not making use of chat options on the online store. Chat options are specifically created for giving an interactive platform to the customers with the sellers. One can easily chat with sellers online and in some cases even with the weavers. This will also help you while bargaining.


The above article gives a detailed and clear idea about the things that you need to notice before purchasing wedding sarees online. Make sure to keep all the above tips in mind before purchasing a saree online.