Leveraging Your Lead Generation Website and Technology

How to Make Your Lead Generation Website More Effective?

The modern customer is well-informed and self-directed. All the more the B2B customers. Research shows that half of B2B purchase decisions are made even before talking to sales reps. What does it mean for your lead generation strategy? It means that you should optimize your lead generation to such an extent that the highest number of leads visiting your lead generation website gets converted into sales. Your potential clients may not even need that much nurturing from you. But they definitely don’t need your website to be aesthetically unpleasant and not client-oriented. There are three major marketing tactics generating a lead flow to your website:

  • Social media ads
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Strategic calling

Social media ads. The numbers of leads generated through social media are different, depending on a business. However, statistics is impressive: 75% of B2B buyers make purchasing decisions using a business’s social; social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than the average lead conversion rate; LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for 60% B2B clients; 49% of B2B marketers find social media the most difficult marketing activity to carry out. As you can see, even though social media is hard to pull off, it is worth it. Using FB ads, you can geographically target your ideal customers. LinkedIn account settings allow you to optimize your lead generation through advanced search.

Direct mail marketing. You definitely use email outbound tactics but have you forgotten about the ol’ snail mail? In fact, it is still an effective tool for finding and nurturing new clients on the US market. Nowadays when many businesses seem to leave direct mail efforts in the past century, you can take advantage of an uncluttered niche and make your name known with an eye-catching marketing strategy.

Strategic calling. This is another somewhat forgotten tactic. However, you can still make use of it. Especially if we’re talking about making a call to your existing business contacts over the past year. Call your contacts and offer them an updated call-to-action or a revised value proposition. Even if they don’t make a sale now, it gives you an opportunity to gauge their interest in your product and verify their contact information and job title.

There are many ways to generate business leads and leverage marketing automation. However, all that makes little sense if your website is not ready to turn the bulk of fresh leads into clients. To make sure that your website is well-equipped to convert leads into sales at the highest rate, read the advice and tips our marketers at Belkins B2B digital marketing agency have for you.

Leveraging Your Lead Generation Website and Technology

Tips from a B2B Digital Marketing Agency

Whatever efficient and professional sales and marketing efforts you take, you need to ensure your lead generation website is optimized and streamlined to accept the lead workflow without a beat. People online make decisions without even blinking an eye. Therefore, browsing your website should be easy and pleasant. In addition to learning lead generation trends and investing in marketing automation tools, here are four tips for a successful optimization of your website, helping you woo your clients in the most effective way.

Optimize CTA with sales lead generating

A strong call-to-action (CTA) should be visible enough on a website so that it won’t get overlooked by lead traffic, coming from lead magnets and other lead sources. It would be a shame to check out website analytics and see that plenty of leads passed through your website but were not warmed up and converted into sales. The rules are obvious: use action verbs and strategically-placed buttons. Look at CTA buttons from the point of view of the user: not too high? not too low? is it short and not too wordy? is it clear and easy to understand? UX professionals report that CTA buttons should be static and placed on a floating bar. In case of doubt, run A/B testing. But always ensure CTAs are not in your way of generating business leads.

Provide social proof to get business leads

Reviews and testimonials are a great tool of convincing people in doubts that the quality of your services and products is superb. It is common to place testimonials on a business’s main website. However, this tactic works well on nurturing qualified leads. To generate new leads unfamiliar with your product, use external review platforms that people may regard as less biased. Overall, managing your online reputation is essential. Find brand ambassadors for your company and improve the relationships with consumers by following up on positive comments.

Fix your email deliverability issues

It is not enough to have an optimized website and a far from perfect email checker. You definitely need an up-to-date email monitoring tool to like Folderly to ensure more than 50% of your email outreach pass through spam filters. Email marketing is an important component of a strong sales funnel. Therefore, don’t undermine it with unsatisfactory email deliverability. To make the most of each email outreach campaign, you need to avoid getting blacklisted and ruining your domain Sender Score. Folderly is super software developed at Belkins to improve email deliverability and get past spam filters for the biggest percentage of your emails.

Avoid visual clutter on the website

Make sure the website is not a visual mess. Check out from time to time, after some changes are made, if the website remains visually pleasant and clutter-free. Keep on-page forms simple. Use contrasting colors and color psychology. Have plenty of white space and a visual hierarchy. A well-designed website will contribute to lead generation.

Leveraging Your Lead Generation Website and Technology

Empowering Your Sales Team

Lead generation is made of many components and your website is just one of them. The difficulty of lead generation is that you should keep an eye on all components at once. Introducing changes to one component, make adjustments to other components too. If you add infographics to your website, make sure the CTA button remains visible and within clicking. Once you optimize your main website, balance out your online reputation by tweaking testimonials at external review platforms and other lead sources. Your lead generation efforts must be supported with user-friendly design and clickable CTA buttons. If you have any trouble with lead generation, we as the top b2b digital marketing agency will be happy to assist you with advice or provide you with the best B2B lead generation services.