Is Zia a boy or girls name?

Zia is a boy’s name of Arabic origin.

Is Ziya a Quranic name?

The name means ‘light or source of light’ in Arabic. Reference of the name is made thrice in the verse 10 of the Holy Quran….Numerology details of name Ziya.

Numerology Number 7
Personality Number 6

How do you pronounce Zia in Arabic?

In Arabic it is pronounced with a dhaad instead of a Z….Pronounce Names.

Pronunciation: z-I-a z-eye-a Zia – rhymes with Maya
Origin: Arabic
Alternate Spelling(s): Says

What language is Zia?

Zia is a Papuan language spoken in the Lower Waria Valley in Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea. It is part of the Binandere subgroup of the Trans–New Guinea phylum of languages (Ross, 2005).

How do you say Ziya in Urdu?

Write Ziya in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla (Ziya pronunciation in different languages)

  1. Urdu: زیا
  2. Hindi: जिया
  3. Arabic: ضياء,زيي
  4. Bangla: জিয়া

How do you say the name Ziad?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Ziad. Zey-ad. ziad. zee-add.
  2. Meanings for Ziad. It is an Arabic feminine name.
  3. Translations of Ziad. Russian : Зияд

What does zia mean in Arabic?

Zia (also spelled Ziya, Ḍiya , Dia or Diya, Arabic: ضياء‎) is a name of Arabic origin meaning “light”.

What is zia?

The word for aunt in Italian is zia (feminine, plural: zie). IPA: /ˈdzia/ (North) or /ˈtsia/ (Center and South) It comes from the Latin word thia and, as in English, is used to describe the sister of one’s mother or father, or the wife of one’s uncle (zio).

What is the lucky number of Zia?

The lucky number associated with the name Zia is “1”.

What does the name zya mean?

Muslim. Gender. Girl. Meaning. One who emanates light ; splendor.