Is Triceratops a carnivore?

Triceratops is a herbivorous dinosaur found in the Central Sector of FMM UV-32. It is a huntable dinosaur in Carnivores and Carnivores+.

What are some interesting facts about Triceratops?

The Triceratops is a quadrupedal herbivore that lived during the late Cretaceous period —or about 68 million years ago. This dinosaur was first discovered near Denver, Colorado in 1887. When it was first discovered it was believed to have been an unusual type of bison.

What are facts about Triceratops?

10 Intriguing Facts About Triceratops Triceratops is Greek for “three-horned face,” but this dinosaur actually had only two genuine horns; the third, a much shorter “horn” on the end of its snout, was made Triceratops skeleton displayed at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A Triceratops meets up with two hungry T.

Was Triceratops a social animal?

In Primal Prey, the Triceratops is different from the Carnivores variant. Its body is more anatomically correct, and is a very social animal. A Triceratops can weigh anywhere between 9,500 and 12,500 lbs.