Is Thresh difficult?

Artwork of Thresh from Riot Games. Thresh is one of the most prolific support champions in League’s history. He’s very versatile, with the ability to play frontline and backline depending on what the situation requires. However, this versatility comes with the caveat that Thresh is very hard to execute.

How do you get unbound Thresh?

In order to get the Unbound Thresh skin for free, all you have to do is collect 300 event tokens. In every League of Legends event, players get 300 tokens for free (even without the pass) meaning all the players who will at least complete the normal missions will be able to get Unbound Thresh skin for free.

Is thresh melee or ranged?

Thresh’s auto attacks are considered ranged, because he has an attack range of 425. His auto attacks aren’t blocked by Yasuo’s Wind Wall because it is not a projectile, similar to Rakan’s auto attacks.

Should I learn Thresh?

Thresh is worth learning for any support main, because he can be played many different ways. Thresh gives you the option of having a strong engage while also having the option to peel well if you need to play that way.

Is Bard harder than Thresh?

Bard has higher game knowledge skill cap while Thresh has higher mechanical skill cap. Thresh is better for fast paced games (falls off lategame), Bard is better for scaling games.

What role is thresh lol?


Is thresh a tank?

Thresh is a tank support. He is a strong early game champion that transitions well into the late game with his strong zoning and crowd-control abilities.

What to do with Thresh in League of Legends?

Thresh is a support champion best used alongside fast, offensive ADCs (attack damage carry) such as Jinx or Varus . When playing as Thresh, take Flash and Exhaust for summoner spells – the default support spells. In your rune page for Thresh, build magic resist, armor and 3 Greater Quintessence of Percent Health (for a + 4.5% max HP total).

What’s the best thing to do with Thresh mid?

Vision control and careful trades are very important. However, a major positive to Thresh mid is high gank potential. With hard cc and your lantern, you can receive early ganks better than any mid laner you will face. It is important to not expect these ganks though.

What’s the best way to play thresh ADC?

This is a high burst damage guide for Thresh. HIGHLY recommended to play this ADC with a duo support partner. Not only is it important for the support synergy to be good, most random supports will instantly tilt when seeing this picked, which means you will have to 2v1 often.

What is thresh’s strength as a support character?

Thresh’s strength as a support comes from his incredible amount of utility, crowd control, and AoE, stemming from his ability to displace and disable enemies with his Death Sentence, Flay, and The Box. His Dark Passage can be used as a reliable escape or a way for allies to easily follow up with him.