Is there a COPO Chevelle?

About 300 COPO Chevelles were built in 1969, and an estimated 66 remain. Grady has owned this Chevelle since April 1987, back when he was looking for one like the car he drove in high school, a red 1969 SS396. In those days little was known about Chevrolet’s COPO program.

How much is a 1969 COPO Chevelle worth?


Vehicle: 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle COPO 427
Years Produced: 1969
Number Produced: Approximately 358
Original List Price: $3,800
SCM Valuation: Median to date, $150,000; high sale, $357,000

How much is a Yenko Chevelle worth?


Auction Scottsdale – March 2021
Price $275,000.00
Lot 1355
Year 1969

What is Yenko Chevelle?

Don Yenko was one of the most famous muscle car tunists during the late 1960s. engine with aluminum heads (L-72 opt.),and a specially tuned sports suspension kit and rear-end (9737 opt.). All Yenko cars came with a special interior and exterior decal kit.

Did Chevelle come with a 427?

There never was an “official” factory-built 1967 SS 427 Chevelle. Chevrolet offered Chevelles with small-block powerplants, but the first cars were anything but hot performers. Out of the gate, the mild-mannered 3,000-pound contender’s most powerful powerplant was a 220hp, V-8.

Why are Chevelles so popular?

Besides the exterior looks and interior power, the Chevy Chevelle also has a sense of nostalgia that carries on to today, more than 40 years after the last one rolled off the factory floor. This might be the biggest reason why it’s still popular, and why they can fetch high prices at auctions.

Did Yenko make a Chevelle?

Don Yenko built only 99 1969 Chevelles; this fully documented and extremely rare piece is one of only 22 still in existence. Only seven Fathom Green Yenko Chevelles were produced, and only 13 of the original 99 were equipped with automatic transmissions.

What does COPO stand for?

Central Office Production Order
COPO stands for “Central Office Production Order” and gives a nod to a production method used by dealers during the sixties. The system allowed them to develop high-performance models that were not available elsewhere.

How many Yenko Camaros still exist?

The recognized production number for these cars is approx 64 cars converted, with well less than half of that number known to exist today.

What does Yenko sYc mean?

Yenko Super Car
He also modified other Chevrolet vehicles like Chevelle and Nova by fitting them with L-72 engines. This limited series of cars sometimes began to take the name “sYc” (standing for Yenko Super Car), after the graphics found on the hoods and head rests.

What kind of car is a COPO Chevelle?

Arguably the highlight of muscle car collector Grady Burch’s stable of top-tier Chevrolets is his original, unrestored, Dusk Blue 1969 Chevrolet COPO Chevelle. It is one of two COPO Chevelles that he owns, the other a Garnet Red car that just went through a two-year restoration.

Is the Chevy Chevelle COPO 427 a muscle car?

At the opposite end of the COPO spectrum from the striped and badged Chevelles marketed by Don Yenko were those delivered just as Chevy built them. This muscle car — the 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle COPO 427 — spoke softly but carried a very big stick. All COPO Chevelles were cut from the same basic cloth.

What kind of shifter does a Chevelle Yenko have?

Yenko Chevelles ordered with the automatic transmission arrived with a column shifter; like most of those cars, Yenko converted this one to the Hurst Dual Gate floor shifter.