Is there a Beginners Guide to SWTOR classes?

This SWTOR Classes Guide for beginner players will help you learn the basics of all SWTOR Advanced Classes in the game as well as help you make a choice of a Discipline path, build and role that will best fit your preferred playstyle! This guide is an addition to my Ultimate SWTOR Beginners Guide.

How does the discipline path work in SWTOR?

The chosen discipline path is automatically set to your current level, so if you want to abandon and switch disciplines (similar to resetting skill points on the trees), you can take on the challenge of a new role with ease.

When do BioWare tweak the classes in SWTOR?

BioWare tweaks SWTOR class balance often. Usually this happens around the Summer time each year. If your class has recently been changed (check patch notes to find out) there is a good chance it will not be re-balanced soon. Exceptions are possible, of course. Each class in SWTOR has its strong and weak sides.

What can you do with moddable gear in SWTOR?

Note: Moddable armour can also be used to create cosmetic outfits for your SWTOR character, as well as providing stat bonuses when equipped. If you use moddable gear, you can combine pieces such that you use your “Gear” tab as a “free” outfit slot. (Other Tips on Saving Credits here ).

What’s the level cap for SWTOR update 6.0?

Every player at level 75 (the new level cap in Update 6.0) will have access to a number of new armor sets with unique set bonuses as well as class-specific sets. In general the idea behind the new gearing system, called “ Spoils of War “, is that you can play whatever you want and get your character geared up.

How to gear up for Endgame level 75 in SWTOR?

What is the easiest way to gear up for endgame level 75 in SWTOR? Complete the Onslaught expansion to receive a full set of item-rating 268 gear; Whenever you get a piece of gear with a higher item-rating, equip it even if it is not your ideal piece of gear to increase your item-rating, working towards a 306 item rating

Where do you get the races in SWTOR?

If you purchase your unlock from the Cartel Market, that race is unlocked on all servers, not just the one that has your legacy unlocks. If you’re intending to make a character on another server than your main one, you should keep this in mind.

Can a Zabrak be a class in SWTOR?

The Zabrak are a little bit of a unique case when choosing a SWTOR species as they technically can be any class from the start but you have to choose a specific subset.

How many classes are there in Star Wars The Old Republic?

There are eight main classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Four for each side of the conflict – The Sith Empire and The Republic. Each of these classes has two advanced class specializations that you choose right at the very beginning of your journey. Once you make this choice, you stick with it. It’s permanent.