Is the Tandberg TCD 3034 a HiFi deck?

The Tandberg TCD 3034 is designed to match the other separate components in the Tandberg Series 3000, but other HiFi equipment will also benefit from it’s use. In order to take full advantage of metal tapes, new and unconventional technology is a necessity.

What kind of recorder is a Tandberg TCD 440?

Tandberg TCD 440 A Stereo Cassette Tape Deck Recorder w/ Original Manual & Feet! TANDBERG TCD 310MKll vintage stereo cassette deck JUST SERVICED!

Is there a motor replacement kit for Tandberg 10xd?

MOTOR REPLACEMENT KIT for Tandberg 10XD! We have NEW 2SJ56 and 2SK176 Power MOSFETS for sale (Used in Tandberg Power Amplifiers; rare -“obsolete” devices) click here for details. We supply pinch rollers and some belts for the Tandberg series of open reel decks and cassette decks.

How long is the warranty on a Tandberg?

Your Tandberg is covered by our FULL UNIT* ONE YEAR warranty. We do purchase certain models – call for details. Tandberg parts you need but are not listed here yet?