Is the Honda NC700X a good bike?

The NC engine’s power is tuned to be most available at lower rpms and is a near perfect amount for predictable, reliable, and efficient riding. That’s why it’s widely regarded as a beginner-friendly motorcycle.

Does NC700X have ABS?

The NC700X has been designed with a secure internal storage space large enough to accommodate a full-face helmet, located where you would typically find the fuel tanks. It is also offered with Honda’s Combined Anti-Lock Braking System (C-ABS) as an option that comes standard when you get the DCT model.

What is Honda NC?

Related. Honda NM4. The Honda NC700 series is a family of motorcycles produced by Honda since 2012. NC700 series was a ‘new concept’, being unlike conventional motorcycles, a bike designed for commuters, new or veteran riders.

How fast is a Honda NC700X?

115 mph

Top speed & performance
Max torque 45.75 ft-lb
Top speed 115 mph
1/4 mile acceleration
Tank range 210 miles

What is the top speed of a Honda NC750x?

Top speed & performance
Max torque 50 ft-lb
Top speed 125 mph
1/4 mile acceleration
Tank range 210 miles

Is the Honda NC700X automatic?

I first started with the Dual Clutch Transmission set to its fully automatic D (Drive) mode. Like a manual shift motorcycle, the NC700X’s acceleration has a feeling of direct operation, and the smooth ride continues with its Dual Clutch Transmission, providing a pleasant engine pulsation.

What does NC stand for in NC750X?

Yes, it stands for ‘New Concept’.

What is the top speed of a Honda NC750X?

Can the NC750X go off-road?

Like the Jeep though, the little Honda has a foundation that gives it an off-road advantage over its competitors. The NC’s X factor is its incredibly low center of gravity.

Why is the Honda NC700X a new bike?

“New” because the motorcycle you see here, Honda’s innovative NC700X, is a distinct, almost 180-degree change in direction from where motorcycles have been heading for many years.

What’s the top speed of a Honda NC 700?

The Honda NC 700, both models, is the most satisfying motorcycle that I have ever owned. The actual top speed is 115 mph, my gas mileage on 2 lane roads at 55 mph is between 70-80 mpg.

Who is the author of the 2016 Honda NC700X?

2016 Honda NC700X DCT with author Mark Tuttle aboard. A slightly taller windscreen for the 2016 model adds a little protection. (Photos by the author and Kevin Wing)

Is the frunk on a Honda NC700X waterproof?

The waterproof frunk on the NC700X is extremely convenient, since it holds a medium full-face helmet or the equivalent in groceries, lunch bags, gloves, tools, etc., and the lid locks and closes like a car trunk.