Is it better to put hashtags in comments?

So, if you’re still wondering, “should I be putting my hashtags in the first comment?” – there’s no real difference to their functionality, it’s completely UP TO YOU. If you prefer hashtags-free captions, then yes, you should just go for it and place them in the comment section.

Do hashtags in comments work on reels?

Just like your other Instagram content, hashtags in the first comment will work the same on a Reel. You get all the benefits of possibly making it to the Top Posts for all the hashtags you use. You also get to keep your caption clean.

How do you comment on a hashtag?

What is a hashtag?

  1. They always start with # but they won’t work if you use spaces, punctuation or symbols.
  2. Make sure your accounts are public.
  3. Don’t string too many words together.
  4. Use relevant and specific hashtags.
  5. Limit the number of hashtags you use.

Do hashtags in comments work on LinkedIn?

Do hashtags work on LinkedIn? Yes, hashtags do work on LinkedIn. You can add them to your status update, your published article, and your business page to reach an audience beyond your network. You can also browse through hashtag feeds to see what conversations are happening surrounding those topics.

Is it better to put hashtags in comments or caption 2021?

The keywords and hashtags should be in the caption, NOT the comments.

How many hashtags can you use in a comment?

Bottom line, you can: Post with up to 30 hashtags in the caption. Post, then place up to 30 hashtags in the first comment. Use up to 30 total hashtags, with some in the caption and/or some in multiple comments.

How do you make a reel go viral?

How to post on Reels to go viral

  1. Share your Reels on the Instagram Grid.
  2. Share your Reels on Instagram Stories.
  3. Tag the brands in the video so they share it and it gets views from more people.
  4. Create new versions of your Reels with the same theme, style or eve music.
  5. Keep creating new Reels often to get featured again.

How do you comment first on someone’s Instagram post?

How to Add a First Comment on Instagram with Later

  1. Open up the post scheduler in Later.
  2. You’ll see a text box called “First Comment.” Enter your hashtags or any text you’d rather have in the first comment.
  3. Schedule your post as usual (including adding your Linkin.
  4. You’re done!

How do businesses use hashtags?

When using hashtags, there are several rules to keep in mind:

  1. In most cases, using many hashtags decreases interactions.
  2. Use local hashtags to build community awareness.
  3. Use specific product or brand hashtags to create conversation.
  4. Use search tools to see related hashtags and their popularity.

Do hashtags work on LinkedIn posts?

When you create an update to share with your network from your LinkedIn homepage, you can add your own hashtag by typing # and the word or phrase directly in your post. You can also click on Add hashtag at the bottom of the share box and type your desired hashtag.

Do hashtags matter on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn hashtags were introduced in 2018. Using hashtags on LinkedIn will make your content more discoverable and help you connect with members that may be interested in your company. But, since LinkedIn is a professional platform, it’s important to keep hashtags work appropriate.