Is HTC better than iPhone?

HTC U11 vs Apple iPhone 7: Verdict On paper, the HTC U11 absolutely spanks the iPhone 7. It’s packing more powerful hardware, has a more eye-catching design, superior screen and a higher quality camera. It’s the clear winner in each of our categories.

Which phone is better than iPhone 6s?

Verdict. The Galaxy S7 is an absolute beast of a smartphone that aces the smartphone holy trinity of design, performance, and camera. As such, it’s a more than worthy rival to the iPhone 6S. Samsung’s phone features a much better display, a generally more capable processor, twice the memory, and a better camera.

Is the iPhone 6 GOOD OR BAD?

The iPhone 6 is not a bad phone in 2020 if you are an extremely light user or you just need a second smartphone for basic tasks. I would suggest picking one up if you are getting a very insane deal on it. But, I would still recommend spending the extra money and hunting down an iPhone 6s instead.

Are iPhones better than androids?

Apple’s closed ecosystem makes for a tighter integration, which is why iPhones don’t need super powerful specs to match the high-end Android phones. It’s all in the optimization between hardware and software. Generally, though, iOS devices are faster and smoother than most Android phones at comparable price ranges.

What Android phone is comparable to an iPhone 6S?

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is another smart phone that you can always go for as a substitute for the iPhone 6S. It has high quality features like a 32GB, a large screen of 720p resolution and 4.7 inch and fantastic design.

What is the disadvantage of iPhone 6?

No 4K video and video sound is still mono. Lacks the optical image stabilization of the iPhone 6 Plus. No enhanced resistance to liquids or dust. Offers the same display pixel density fourth year in a row.

Is iPhone 6s worth buying in 2021?

This iPhone is still worth it because it’s still able to run Apple’s newest version of iOS. As of right now, a used iPhone 6S is still able to run the most recent Apple mobile operating system: iOS 14. Just another reason why we love the iPhone 6S and think it’s still worth buying in 2021.

What are the disadvantages of iPhone?


  • Same icons with same look on home screen even after upgrades.
  • Too simple & doesn’t support computer work as in other OS.
  • No widget support for iOS apps that are also costly.
  • Limited device use as platform runs only on Apple devices.
  • Doesn’t provide NFC and radio is not in-built.