Is Encarta encyclopedia still available?

Citing the advent of free online reference sources, Microsoft discontinued Encarta, which then consisted of more than 60,000 articles, at the end of 2009. Only the free Encarta dictionary remained online.

Is Microsoft Encarta free?

Microsoft Launches Free Online Version of Encarta. Microsoft Corp. has announced the launch of a free online version of Encarta World English Dictionary at According to the release, the online dictionary offers quick, easy-to-understand audio definitions that are spoken in a human voice.

Is Encarta dead?

The Encarta software will be removed from stores by June, Microsoft said, and the affiliated worldwide Web sites will be closed by the end of October. (The Japanese site will continue until the end of December.)

Why did Microsoft discontinue Encarta?

Microsoft announced in April 2009 that it would cease to sell Microsoft Student and all editions of Encarta Premium software products worldwide by June 2009, citing changes in the way people seek information, and in the traditional encyclopedia and reference material market, as the key reasons behind the termination.

What is the Encarta dictionary?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishEn‧car‧ta /enˈkɑːtə $ -ɑːr-/ trademark a type of encyclopedia (=a product with articles about many different subjects) which was produced only on a CD-ROM or a DVD, and was not available as a printed book.

What is Encarta Reference Library?

Microsoft releases Encarta Reference Library 2004. Microsoft Encarta Reference Library 2002 is a CD-ROM for middle and high school level students.

Why did Microsoft discontinued Encarta?

Who invented Encarta?

Credit goes to Antonio Meucci, an impoverished Italian-American candlemaker who, as the Italian-language Encarta tells it, beat Bell to the punch by five years. Who’s right?

When did the Microsoft Encarta encyclopedia come out?

Microsoft Encarta was a digital multimedia encyclopedia published by Microsoft Corporation from 1993 to 2009. Originally sold on CD-ROM or DVD, it was also available on the World Wide Web via an annual subscription, although later articles could also be viewed for free online with advertisements.

When did the first Encarta CD come out?

Abbreviated versions of some Encarta articles were available to subscribers to the Microsoft Network ISP, launched in 1995. Beginning in 1996, Encarta CDs were issued in standard and deluxe editions.

How many Wikipedia articles are there on Encarta?

By the time of the announcement of its closure in April 2009, Encarta had about 62,000 articles, most behind a paywall, while the English Wikipedia had over 2.8 million articles in open access.

When did the Encarta Reference Library come out?

Encarta was offered in a bundled reference suite edition, which included a reference library and an interactive atlas, beginning in 1997; it also remained available as a stand-alone product.