Is Cat Bells an easy walk?

On your right, magnificent fells roll away into the distance. And, with the exception of a short, steep path at the start and a brief scramble to the summit, Cat Bells is easy to climb and simple to navigate – perfect for old legs, little legs and the four-legged alike.

Is Cat Bells a scramble?

Catbells Walk It’s not Scafell Pike, but still, the scramble is not one for vertigo sufferers. Whilst most people will be able do this walk, it requires a reasonable head for heights and an ability to scramble over a short rocky patch.

Is Cat Bells hard to climb?

Difficulty – Moderate. A short steep section on ascent with some minor scrambling. Starting point – This walk starts at Hawes End Landing Stage which can be best reached by taking the Launch from Keswick.

Is Cat Bells one of the Wainwrights?

Catbells is a short, sharp, steep climb richly rewarded by the views of mountains and lakes. This walk takes you to the top of the following hills: Catbells; and includes 1 Wainwright and 1 Birkett.

Has anyone died climbing Catbells?

A walker has died after collapsing on a popular Lake District fell. Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was alerted about 12.10pm on Saturday when the man lost consciousness south of the summit of Cat Bells.

Why is it called Catbells?

The name Cat Bells may have come from a corruption of ‘cat’s bield’ meaning a wild cat’s shelter and may stem from days gone by when wild cats still roamed our countryside. Whatever the reason for it’s name, Cat Bells is a notable part of the skyline of Borrowdale which you simply cannot miss.

How long is the walk up catbells?

Generally, the Catbells hike will take between 2 and 4 hours including stops. The total distance of the walk is 3.5 miles (5.8 kms). When I was there, it took me around 3 hours including a fair few photo stops along the way.

Where can I park for catbells walk?

Parking : CA12 5UE for Hawes End. Roadside parking by Hawes End and there is a small, free car park on the way to Skelgill. If parking in Keswick and taking the boat, there are multiple large pay-and-display car parks in Keswick, including Keswick Lakeside Car Park, which is a short walk from the launch.

Can you walk up Catbells in trainers?

If the weather is good and the forecast is fine then for the time it takes to climb up and down Catbells a bit of warm clothing and any waterproof or windproof will be fine in May. Trainers are also fine with care. There is an option to descend about 1/3 of the way up at the first plateau !

Is Barrow A Wainwright?

Barrow is small fell in the English Lake District in the county of Cumbria which reaches a height of 455 metres (1,494 feet). It is in the Newlands Valley 2.5 miles (4 km) south-west of Keswick….Barrow (Lake District)

Parent peak Outerside
Listing Wainwright
Coordinates 54°35′09″N 3°11′49″WCoordinates: 54°35′09″N 3°11′49″W

Is catbells a hill or a mountain?

Catbells is a mountain situated on the western shore of Derwent Water within five kilometres of the busy tourist town of Keswick. It has a modest height of 451 m (1,481 ft) but despite this it is one of the most popular fells in the area.

Why is it called catbells?

What is at the summit of Catbells fell?

What is at the summit? At the top of Catbells is a trig point. This stands proud on the rocky outcrop of the Fell. And on top of the trig is a round metal plate that shows each of the fells that you can see as you’re stood at the top.

Can you climb Catbells in the Lake District?

Firstly, your grandmother and infant would need to enjoy some steep sections and climbing up 400m! Secondly, Catbells has a little sting in its tail just before the summit to remind you that it is a fell walk in the Lake District. It’s not Scafell Pike, but still, the scramble is not one for vertigo sufferers.

Where is the best way to get to Catbells?

You can head up to Catbells by parking on the northern side of Wainwright. From here you head straight up the breast of the Fell following the only path available to the summit. What map will you need forCatbells?

How long is the walk from Grange to Catbells?

This is set across either a 1.5 mile walk from Hawes End or 2.5 mile walk from Grange, making it steep in some sections. Similarly, the descent takes you steeply downhill, which can be tough on your knees. You quickly see why Wainwright advocates starting the walk to Catbells from Hawes End.