Is Aqw still good?

Yes- The game can still be played and even with flash shutting down ae is making thier ways to keep aqw going, it’s still “worth” to play it, if you have alot of time and like the cheesy humor and events of aqw, since you’re an older player you will get some freebies on your book of lore that will help you with some …

Is Frost Spirit Reaver good?

Frost SpiritReaver has a lot of interesting tools to use for several types of players. It offers enough defense to battle most bosses, enough damage boosting to be a group fight member without being a dedicated support class, and enough tricks to take on challengers in PvP.

How do you get Dragon Slayer class in Aqw?

There are TWO ways to unlock the DragonSlayer General Class!

  1. Buy it from Galanoth in /dragontown for 2000 AdventureCoins OR.
  2. Farm for it as you slay dracoliches in the Elemental Dracolich WAR!

Is Rustbucket class good?

Rustbucket is a poor man’s AoE class that is tanky but not that great compared to other classes. Pyro and Darkblood are good classes in farming. Darkblood gets the spotlight here, the top class at AoE next to Chaoslayer variants.

When was Aqw created?

June 2, 2008
AdventureQuest Worlds/Initial release dates

Which is the best overall class in AQworlds?

Best Overall Classes AQWorlds. 1 1. Legion Revenant. This class is able to finish off enemies with a strong Area of ​​Effect attack, has a potential buff and is able to knock out 2 2. LightCaster. 3 3. Void Highlord. 4 4. ShadowStalker of Time. 5 5. Immortal Dark Caster.

Which is the best AQW class for PvP?

PvP Bludrut : Performance in bludrutbrawl/chaosbrawl/legionpvp/etc, taking into account the same factors as above. Now That is the Top 10 Overall Best AQW Class all the time. Dansverine is based on Skill Class for several aspects such as Solo, Farming, Support, and PvP.

Where can you get solo Def in AQworlds?

You can get this class from Ziri’s Shop with price 2,000 ACs for Free Player, and 200,000 Gold for Member Only. Solo DEF : Soloing performance with a class assuming it is using the most defensive rotation of its skills. Solo DPS : Soloing performance with a class assuming it is using the most offensive rotation of its skills.