Is Accolade Wines an Australian company?

History. Accolade Wines traces its beginning to Thomas Hardy and Sons, a company founded in 1853 which grew to become Australia’s largest winemaker. The company headquarters are in Old Reynella, South Australia.

Is Accolade Wines Chinese owned?

Instead Accolade Wines, which is owned by US private equity fund The Carlyle Group and holds iconic Australian labels including Hardy’s and Grant Burge, has refused to join a push by hundreds of local growers urging the government to take Beijing to the World Trade Organisation, citing fears China might retaliate …

Who bought Accolade Wines?

Accolade Wines, owner of the popular Hardys brand, was bought by private equity group Carlyle for $1bn in 2018, and is led by former Treasury Wine executive Robert Foye, who said recently the company was looking to a listing within the next few years.

Is Hardys Wine Australia owned?

Hardys is, of course, no longer family-owned but part of a major corporate entity, Accolade Wines. A couple of family members are still associated with the company, however – Bec’s uncle Bill, for example, was a winemaker for Hardys for 40 years before becoming brand ambassador.

Is Grant Burge Chinese owned?

Accolade, which produces brands including Hardys, Grant Burge, Leasingham and Banrock Station, is owned by United States private equity giant Carlyle Group. It exports about 4 per cent of its wines to China. Mr Foye said Accolade had conducted a comprehensive assessment of its winery footprint.

Who owns Grant Burge?

Accolade Wines Holdings Australia Pty Limited
Grant Burge Wines Pty Ltd./Parent organizations

Who is Grant Burge?

Grant Burge Wines was established by a fifth-generation Barossa vigneron and winemaker. Throughout his career, Grant has been one of the most respected and innovative forces in the Australian wine industry. First-born Percival established the Wilsford Winery near Lyndoch in 1928.

Who owns Australian accolade?

The Carlyle Group
Accolade Wines/Parent organizations

What percentage of Australian wine goes to China?

Exports to China accounted for 50 per cent of total Australian wine exports last January.

What Australian wineries are owned by the Chinese?

Auswan Creek Winery is part of the Swan Wine Group, of which Wei Li, is the founder and chief executive of. Australian Swan Vintage (Auswan) is an Australian Private Company. Wei Li became an Australian citizen in 1999. Swan Group Wines are made to appeal to the Chinese palate.

What wines are Australian owned?

6 of the best Australian family-owned wineries

  • ALLINDA. Located at the northern end of the Yarra Valley in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, Allinda Winery was established in 1990 by Al and Linda Fencaros.

Is Grant Burge owned by China?