How to get an impression of Tilburg University?

Get to know our programs, visit our online events and get an impression of the campus and Tilburg as a student city.

When is the taisig talk at Tilburg University?

(Dutch / SG-Certificate) The TAISIG Talks feature a series of short online presentations on a broad variety of topics related to recent developments and achievements of Tilburg University in the field of Artificial Intelligence. This event will take place on September 16th, 2021, between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Who is a psychology student at Tilburg University?

Toph Scharpf ( @aivuvm) is a psychology student at Tilburg University. ‘’I am currently studying ‘Psychology’ at Tilburg University. Lately I’ve been wondering if I’ll be allowed to totally be myself when I start working as a psychologist. You see, I’m what’s known as a queer person.

What can I do with Tilburg University career portal?

The Career Portal also offers opportunities to gain work experience. This dynamic portal represents a central meeting point where students and alumni of Tilburg University and companies come together. What to do on and around campus?

Who is Toph Scharpf at Tilburg University?

Toph Scharpf ( @aivuvm) is a psychology student at Tilburg University. Psychology student Alp Kireç gets to execute this idea thanks to his pitch at the Dean’s Den, during the Opening of the Academic Year.

Where is the city of Tilburg in the Netherlands?

Tilburg (Dutch: [ˈtɪlbʏr(ə)x] (listen)) is a city in the Netherlands, in the southern province of North Brabant.

What are the names of the districts in Tilburg?

Their shape is still reflected in the layout of many places in Tilburg. Many districts, including Korvel, Oerle, Broekhoven, Hasselt, Heikant, De Schans, and Heuvel, bear the names of these old hamlets.