How to Find CIF Number of SBI in Chequebook

State Bank of India (SBI) is one of the most trusted and reputed public sector banks in India which was founded on 1st July 1955. SBI provides all the upgraded and the latest features to their customers related to banking and financial services. All Indian banks provide unique and different CIF Number to each and every customer including SBI. The CIF Number provided by State Bank of India to their customers is in 11 digits.

What is CIF Number?

CIF is the abbreviated form of ‘Customer Information File’. It is a unique number provided by the bank to every customer. The file holds all the information and data of the account holder. All the data in this file is in digital form. It is a secretive file which should not be shared with anyone as it contains all the important information of your bank account.

State Bank of India provides 11 digits CIF Number to their account holders. With the help of this file, the bank can easily track all the transactions done by the customer. They can even track the other account details too with this CIF Number. SBI bank also updates the CIF Number with account information on a regular basis.

How to Find CIF Number of SBI

You can find the CIF Number in your SBI bank in both offline and online ways. It is very easy to find this file in both ways. Here, we are sharing the steps to find CIF Number of SBI:-

Offline Methods

  1. By SBI Chequebook: A SBI account holder can easily find the CIF Number of SBI through its SBI chequebook. The CIF Number of SBI is printed on the first page of the SBI checkbook.
  2. Through Passbook: The second method to find the CIF Number of SBI is through Passbook. This unique number is printed on your SBI passbook. If it is not printed on your SBI passbook, then you can visit the bank branch and ask to print the CIF Number on your SBI passbook.
  3. Through Customer Care Services: In order to get the CIF Number of SBI, you can call the toll free customer care numbers of SBI. They will ask you the basic details of your bank account to verify your identity and then your call will be connected to an executive. You can ask for CIF Number and he or she will give you the CIF Number.

Online Methods

Internet Banking
  1. You need to visit the official website of SBI bank and login to internet banking of your SBI account with a username and password.
  2. Then, click on the ‘Account Statement’ option and fill the Dates in ‘Date Columns’.
  3. Now, select ‘View’ option and click on ‘Go’.
  4. Then, the account summary will be appeared in front of you including CIF Number.
  1. Login to your SBI bank app and select ‘Services’ option.
  2. Then, tap on ‘Online Nomination’ and select ‘Transaction Accounts’ under this section.
  3. Select ‘Saving Account Number’ and then, CIF Number will be displayed.