How much snow did Boston get 2015?

As of 7 pm EDT on March 15, the National Weather Service in Boston announced that Boston Logan Airport received 108.6 inches of snow, officially making the 2014-2015 season the all time snowiest season for the city.

When was the worst snowstorm in Georgia?

These extremes were measured at Atlanta’s Hartsfield—Jackson International Airport and go back to 1930, with a few years missing data. During then, the record amount of snow to fall in one day at Atlanta is 8.3 inches (21.1 centimetres) on January 23, 1940.

How much snow did Georgia get in the blizzard of 93?

Hundreds of thousands of people lost power for days as trees crashed down – everywhere. From Atlanta to Athens and everywhere south, there was recorded 3 to 9 inches of snow on that Saturday. The northern suburbs received 10 to 15 inches of snow.

What was the most snow ever recorded in Georgia?

In Cherokee County, the biggest one-day snowfall was 12 inches on March 14, 1993. In Georgia, the record is tied between Murray County, when it snowed 20 inches on March 14, 1993, and Etowah County, when it snowed 20 inches a day earlier on March 13, 1993.

What year did Boston get 100 inches of snow?

The “snow blitz” began on Jan. 26 2016 with a storm that dropped 24.6 inches at Logan Airport. That storm went down in history as one of the 10 biggest on record for Boston. Boston has reached the 100-inch mark for snowfall only twice since records became available during the 1891-92 season.

What year did Boston have the most snow?

During the 2014–15 winter season, Boston broke its all-time official seasonal 107.6-inch (2.73-meter) snowfall record from the winter of 1995–96, with a total snowfall record of 108.6 inches (2.76 m) as of March 15, 2015.

What year did Georgia get the most snow?

Greatest Snowfall in One Season: 10.5 inches – The greatest cumulative snow fall for Atlanta, Georgia. This occurred during the year that ended December 31st, 1936.

When was the big blizzard in Georgia?

When was the biggest blizzard in Georgia? The Georgia blizzard of 1993 was officially the biggest blizzard in Georgia history.

Has Georgia ever had a blizzard?

Blizzards in Georgia are rare. The last blizzard the state had was in March 1993. Winter in South Georgia, which lasts from December to January, is much more mild.

What year was Georgia blizzard?

Whether you choose to call it the “Storm of the Century” or the “Superstorm of 1993,” most Georgians will know exactly what you are referencing if you use either phrase.

What year had the most snow in Boston?

What is Boston’s snowiest month?

Wettest month: December (average 2.04 inches precipitation) Snowiest month: January (average 12.9 inches snow)

What’s the weather like in Tbilisi, Georgia?

Although the city has been destroyed and rebuilt some 29 times, the layout of the Old Town is largely intact with narrow alleys and big crooked houses built around courtyards. Tbilisi experiences relatively cold winters and hot summers.

How big of a city is Tbilisi, Georgia?

The city covers an area of 726 km² (280.3 square miles) and has a population of approximately 1,345,000. Tbilisi lies in the centre of eastern Georgia, in the foothills of the Trialeti mountain range. According to Georgian legends, it was founded in the 5th century by King Vakhtang Gorgasali who, while hunting,…

What are the most popular places to visit in Tbilisi?

Tbilisi. Its notable tourist destinations include cathedrals Sameba and Sioni, Freedom Square, Rustaveli Avenue and Agmashenebeli Avenue, medieval Narikala Fortress, the pseudo-Moorish Opera Theater, and the Georgian National Museum .

Which is the only international airport in Tbilisi Georgia?

Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport is Tbilisi’s only international airport, located about 18 kilometres (11 miles) southeast of the city center. Handling 3.16 million passengers in 2017, it is the busiest airport in Georgia and the seventeenth busiest airport in the former Soviet Union.