How much should a pool cover cost?

Pool Cover Prices

Cover Type Cost
Automatic $1,000 – $10,000
Retractable $1,500
Manual $250 – $2,500
Safety (mesh) $1,200 – $3,000

What is the cheapest way to cover a pool?

The cheapest way to cover an inground pool is still with a tarp and something like water bags to keep it in place. Most people use water bags, I would highly recommend keeping enough cinder blocks around for the job. Otherwise you will end up with the job of dealing with a slimy box of water bags in the fall.

How much does it cost to cover an inground pool?

A solid (vinyl) security cover costs $1,200–$3,000. It needs a pump on top, keeps out debris and water, and lasts 6–10 years. An automatic cover costs $5,000–$15,000.

Should you cover a pool?

Although you keep your swimming pool clean and maintain the equipment, getting a cover for that pool will cut down on energy use and costs, evaporation, and save you time. It’s just one of those things that, sooner or later, you’re going to have to buy. But hey, it’s never too late to cover your pool.

Is it good to cover your pool?

A pool cover reduces the amount of UV light coming into contact with the water. This is an important advantage as the pool chemical chlorine is degraded when exposed to UV light. This means you won’t be required to add as much chlorine, which can save you time to refill and money purchasing the chemicals.

What can I use to cover my pool?

Swimming pool covers made of sturdy fiberglass mesh will prevent anyone from falling into the water, provided they are attached and installed properly. Some fiberglass mesh covers can hold up to 400 pounds per square foot.

Do I need to cover my pool every night?

Covers prevent evaporation Having patrons in the water during the day may reduce this effect, but an uncovered pool will still lose water during the night. Place a cover over your pool after hours to block excess heat from the surface of the water.

What type of pool cover is best?

The 10 Best Swimming Pool Covers

  • Safety Pick: Happybuy Pool Safety Cover.
  • Intex Solar Cover.
  • Blue Wave Solar Blanket.
  • Sun2Solar Solar Cover.
  • Blue Wave Rectangular Leaf Net. BUY ON AMAZON.
  • Blue Wave Rectangular Pool Safety Cover. BUY ON AMAZON.
  • Blue Wave Solar Blanket. BUY ON AMAZON.
  • Robelle Swimming Pool Cover. BUY ON AMAZON.

Should a pool be covered every night?

Covering a heated swimming pool at night will reduce heat loss. For a swimming pool that relies on the sun for heat, covering it at night can still make it warm enough to swim in the next day, instead of losing all the heat overnight when the temperatures drop.

Does leaving a pool cover on cause algae?

Algae can become resistant to normal levels of chlorine and can then breed rapidly if the conditions are right. Simply fitting a solar pool cover will not make the pool go green. However, because solar covers will warm the water, they can accelerate algae growth. The best solution is to try using algae starver.

Should I cover my pool every night?

Should you cover your pool every night?

What are the best pool safety covers?

Top 5 Best Inground Pool Safety Covers You Can Walk On Reviews 1. Pool Safety Cover for a 20 x 40 Pool, Green Mesh 2. Blue Wave 20-ft x 40-ft Rectangular In Ground Pool Safety Cover 3. Rectangle Safety Pool Cover 16 x 32 4. Rectangle Loop-Loc Safety Pool Cover 20 x 40 5. Rectangle Meyco Safety Pool Cover 20 x 40 ft.

How do you install a swimming pool cover?

Installing A Rectangular Swimming Pool Cover 1. Remove all swimming pool ladders and handrails 3. Place cover over the swimming pool carefully so you do not snag or damage the cover. 1. Remove all swimming pool ladders and handrails 3. Place cover over the pool carefully so you do not snag or damage the pool cover.

How do you cover a swimming pool?

You could use an automatic cover pump on the cover for as long as water getting on the tarp fall through spring. Scatter 1/2 full water bags around the edges of the pool, out of your way. Center the cover over the pool. Press the cover edges down so it lies on the water, and the remainder lies on the deck.

How much do swimming pool covers help?

Using a pool cover reduces a pool’s chemical consumption by 35 to 60 percent. Covering a heated swimming pool at night will reduce heat loss. That means warmer water, which is what anyone who has ever gone swimming in a chilly pool can tell you is very important.