How much is RTD Eco Pass?

An Eco-Pass costs between $6.90 and $10.65 per day, depending on the number of passes purchased, saving commuters close to $30 per day, or $600 per month, in fuel and vehicle wear-and-tear costs.

How much does RTD cost?


1 Ride Day
Full $1.50 $4.00
Student $1.50 $4.00
Discount $0.75 $2.00

How do I use eco pass?

Using your EcoPass is easy. Tap your card on the validator when boarding the bus or at the light rail platform prior to boarding the train….Using Your EcoPass

  1. show your ID card with your EcoPass to the bus driver or light rail inspector.
  2. take a seat.
  3. relax and enjoy the ride.

Is Denver public transportation free?

There are also two free public transportation options in Denver—the Free MetroRide, and the 16th St. Free MallRide. The MallRide takes users up and down the mile-long stretch of Denver’s 16th St. walking mall.

Does RTD Eco Pass work for airport?

Your EcoPass smart card is valid for unlimited rides on all Local, Regional, and Airport bus and rail service.

How much is a bus pass in Colorado?

Fares & Tickets

31-Day Ticket – unlimited one-way trips in a consecutive 31-day period $63.00
*Special 31-Day Ticket – Youth ages 6 – 18, Medicare/Disabled, Senior (60+); unlimited one-way trips in a consecutive 31-day period $31.00
Adult 20-Ride Ticket – good for 20-one way trips $32.00

How much does bus cost?

The cost of each vehicle depends on a variety of features, including size and manufacturer, but the most important factor is typically what kind of propulsion system the bus uses. Diesel buses are the most common type of bus in the United States, and they cost around $550,000 per vehicle (according to a 2016 study).

Does RTD take debit cards?

Sales Outlets accept cash, check, debit, and credit cards. Remember to register your card purchased at an RTD Sales Outlet.

Can you live in Denver without a car?

Living in Denver without a car is hardly an issue. Good public transportation, great walk/bike paths and few cold, overcast days makes it a breeze. Denver proper has more than 20 neighborhoods. Virtually all accommodate people without a car.

What is the free Metro ride in Denver?

The Free MetroRide is part of RTD’s 2004 voter-approved plan to expand transit across the metro Denver area. The high-frequency service provides additional service to downtown Denver, with limited stops between the Union Station bus concourse and Civic Center Station along 18th and 19th streets.

Is my RTD EcoPass valid?

On what services can I use my EcoPass smart card? Your EcoPass smart card is valid for unlimited rides on all Local, Regional, and Airport bus and rail service. EcoPass is not valid on special services, including but not limited to, Access-a-Ride, BroncosRide, BuffRide, Rockies service, RunRide, and SeniorRide.

What is a monthly pass?

Monthly pass – allows unlimited rides for an entire month. Since months vary in length, the discount for the use of such a pass varies each month. Some networks allow the pass to be used for a specified 30-day or 31-day period that does not necessarily have to start on the first of the month.

How much is a RTD ticket in Denver?

These sales outlets offer a convenient option for purchasing RTD passes and tickets. SeniorRide fares range from just $3.00 to $5.25 depending on the level of service. Airport fare and the Regional/Airport Day Pass are both just $10.50 (full fare).

Is there a military fare discount on RTD?

An income-based fare discount is available for qualifying riders who enroll in RTD’s LiVE Program . Active duty members of the U.S. military ride for free on all RTD services. Proof of eligibility is required for all passengers using discounted fare products.

What can you do with a day pass in Denver?

Get to work, school, appointments or just enjoy the day exploring the metro area. Local Day Pass covers train travel in 1 or 2 fare zones and local/limited bus routes. Regional Day Pass covers travel in 3 fare zones, regional bus routes, regional SkyRide bus service, and bus and train travel to/from Denver International Airport.

Are there any discounts for seniors on RTD?

Discount fares apply to seniors 65+, individuals with disabilities, and Medicare recipients. Youth discount fares applies to youth ages 6-19 (up to three children ages 5 and younger ride free with a fare-paying adult). An income-based fare discount applies to individuals enrolled in RTD’s LiVE program.