How much is a DC-3 worth?

Good DC-3s with mid-time engines can be had for around $150,000, the same price as a new Cessna Skyhawk four-seat, single-engine trainer. The “-3s” have direct operating costs a little less than those incurred by a B200 King Air twin turboprop: about $600 to $700 an hour.

How many DC 3s are left?

More than 300 are still flying today. The DC-3 was born into a still-nascent commercial air travel industry—and traveling by air was much riskier and arduous before the DC-3 came along.

Why was DC-3 successful?

The Douglas DC-3 was one of the most successful airliners in history. The aircraft’s efficiency, speed, and safety popularized air travel. It was the first airliner able to profit only from carrying passengers.

Was the DC-3 pressurized?

Although the DC-3 was never pressurized, its establishment of circular cabins as “normal” firmly established a basic airliner design concept that lent itself readily to pressurization.

Can a DC-3 be flown single pilot?

The piston DC-3 is a single pilot aircraft by type certification. HOWEVER if your DC-3 has been modified to the 1830-94 or the 1820-76 and any Higher horsepower engine that includes a geared rudder tab, you will have an FAA approved flight manual that mandates it a 2 pilot aircraft. That also includes The DC-3TP.

Are any DC-3 still flying?

DC-3 today Perhaps unique among prewar aircraft, the DC-3 continues to fly in active commercial and military service as of 2021, eighty-six years after the type’s first flight in 1935. There are still small operators with DC-3s in revenue service and as cargo aircraft. The most recent flight was on 15 May 2020.

Is the DC-3 safe?

More than 13,000 DC-3s, both civil and military versions, U.S. and foreign built, were produced. Many are still flying. An enlarged variant of the popular 14-seat DC-2, the 21-seat DC-3 was comfortable by the standards of its time and very safe, because of its strong, multiple-spar wing and all-metal construction.

How fast does a DC-3 fly?

Technical Specifications

First flight Dec. 17, 1935
Range 1,495 miles
Weight 30,000 pounds
Power plant Two 1,200-horsepower Wright Cyclone radial engines
Speed 192 mph

Can a DC-3 cross the Atlantic?

The propeller-driven DC-3 was popular in the late 1930s throughout the 1940s. It flies many times slower than a modern jetliner, has a shorter range and lacks a pressurized cabin. There will be plenty of stops to get to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

How high can a DC-3 fly?

Technical Specifications

First flight Dec. 17, 1935
Length 64 feet 5.5 inches
Height 16 feet 3.6 inches
Ceiling 20,800 feet
Range 1,495 miles

Is AC 47 the same as a DC-3?

The C-47 differed from the civilian DC-3 in numerous modifications, including being fitted with a cargo door, hoist attachment, and strengthened floor, along with a shortened tail cone for glider-towing shackles, and an astrodome in the cabin roof. The U.S. Naval designation was R4D.

Was a DC-3 used in ww2?

DC-3, also called Douglas DC-3, Skytrain, C-47 (U.S. Army), R4D (U.S. Navy), or Dakota (Royal Air Force), transport aircraft, the world’s first successful commercial airliner, readily adapted to military use during World War II. Its wartime adaptations were simple and effective.

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