How much is a 1874 dime worth? has estimated the 1874 Seated Liberty Dime value at an average of $15.00, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $900.

What is a dime novel in literature?

dime novel, a type of inexpensive, usually paperback, melodramatic novel of adventure popular in the United States roughly between 1860 and 1915; it often featured a western theme.

Why were dime novels so popular?

Dime Novels. The dime novel was the dominant popular fiction form in late-nineteenth-century America. Millions were eventually published, providing American readers from the Civil War to World War I with accessible, inexpensive reading while shaping attitudes about cities, crime, and especially the American West.

What was a famous dime novel about the West?

About this time, Deadwood Dick, created by Edward L. Wheeler, was among the most popular and lasting of the dime novel characters; his adventures were chronicled in such titles as “Deadwood Dick, the Prince of the Road; or, The Black Rider of the Black Hills,” by Edward L..

What did dime novels look like?

The books were simple in appearance, bound in cheap paper with a brightly illustrated cover. They were lightweight at only about 100 pages long, easy to carry, and easy to pass around.

Who was the famous dime novelist of the late 19th century?

Some of the most popular dime novelists between 1860 and 1900 were Ned Buntline, Edward Ellis, Prentiss Ingraham, and Edward Wheeler. Dime novelists began writing as part of a greater push for profits and mass production.

What were cheap popular books called?

Dime novel – Type of cheap popular fiction in the U.S.

What impact did paperbacks and dime novels have on the book industry?

Impact on Today’s Literary World It helped to create the bookstores of today. Dime novels pushed the books out to the general public in a way that allowed more books in the hands of more readers. Bookstores would no longer be something for the rich. They could be many with books that were numerous.

Who is known as the early king of the Western dime novel?

Davy Crockett
Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone are two examples of opposite heroes. Davy Crockett, also known as the “King of the Wild Frontier” and depicted wearing a coonskin cap, was popularized for his efforts in the Texas Revolution.

Who wrote the first dime novel?

Erastus Beadle published the first dime novel in 1860, and his quick success prompted many other firms to enter the market. Dime novels were short works of fiction, usually focused on the dramatic exploits of a single heroic character.

What do you call trashy novels?

pulp or pulp fiction (if fiction) are definitely the main terms that come to mind for me. Per OED: > 2 [USUALLY AS MODIFIER] Popular or sensational writing that is generally regarded as being of poor quality.

What was the first dime novel?

Irwin and Erasmus Beadle and Robert Adams published the first dime novel under their publishing house, Beadle and Adams, in 1860. It was a short novel entitled Malaeska, the Indian Wife of the White Hunter, written by Mrs. Ann S. Stephens.