How much does it cost to expunge a felony in California?

Cost to Expunge a Record Felony cases are $740, plus a $175 filing and processing fee. This includes having the felony reduced to a misdemeanor if you are eligible for a reduction. There is no extra charge for us to ask the court to reduce the felony to a misdemeanor prior to expungement.

What felonies Cannot be expunged in California?

But certain felonies are almost never eligible for expungement. These generally include murder, serious violent crimes, and sex crimes involving children.

How can I get my criminal record expunged in California for free?

If you’re looking to file a petition for expungement without an attorney in California, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a copy of your criminal record.
  2. Complete probation.
  3. Pay all fines, fees, and restitution.
  4. In the case of a felony, petition the court to reduce charges.
  5. In the case of a misdemeanor, complete and submit CR-180.

How do you get a felony off your record in California?

How to Get a Felony Expunged in California

  1. Step 1: Seek legal counsel.
  2. Step 2: Obtain and complete forms.
  3. Step 3: File for expungement.
  4. Step 4: Meet with your attorney to prepare for your hearing.
  5. Step 5: Your expungement hearing.
  6. Step 6: If your petition is accepted.
  7. Step 7: If your petition is denied.

What felonies Cannot be expunged?

Crimes involving violence, endangerment to children, kidnapping, sexual assault, robbery, arson, terrorism, and severe injury or death of another person typically are not eligible for expungement.

How long do felonies stay on your record in California?

A felony charge will stay on your record for life. The only way to remove a felony from your record is through a strict process called expungement (more on expungement below).

Can I get my record expunged for free?

Some states make it easy to apply for expungement, and many court websites offer expungement information and forms you can download for free. You usually will be required to pay a fee in order to file the expungement application with the court.

Can a convicted felon own a gun after 10 years in California?

California imposes a lifetime firearms ban on anyone who has been convicted of a felony offense in any state or country.

How can I clear my record for free? is a free online tool that helps people in select counties in California navigate the complicated journey to clearing their record.

Do felonies go away in California?

California Felony Expungement Summary Moving forward you will no longer be considered convicted of the felony by the state of California, and your criminal record will be permanently changed to display a dismissal rather than a felony conviction.

How much does it cost to get a felony expunged?

As a general rule, it costs more to expunge a felony than a misdemeanor. The expungement of a felony will customarily cost a minimum of $1,000, but may cost upwards of $2,500 or even more. Misdemeanors can usually be expunged for $1,000 or less.

How can a felon get his gun rights back in California?

There is only one relatively certain way to restore your federal gun rights: obtain a pardon. Defendants who have been convicted of a California felony that are ineligible for reduction to a misdemeanor may be able to receive a gubernatorial pardon. Individuals convicted of misdemeanor sex crimes are also eligible.

What crimes qualify for expungement in California?

Most non-violent crimes will qualify for an expungement. Examples include theft, forgery, fraud, vandalism, burglary, transporting drugs and other crimes. The top benefits include:

Can You expunge more than one felony in califor?

Under the new law, up to three felonies and an unlimited amount of misdemeanors could be expunged, but no more than two assaultive crimes and no more than one felony if it’s punishable by more than 10 years in prison. Other bills signed Monday will go into effect in 180 days (April 10, 2021).

How to reduce your felony to a misdemeanor in California?

To obtain reduce a felony to a misdemeanor, a California expungement attorney will first collect information about the felony conviction . It is important to assure that all relevant information is placed before the judge in the petition.

How can I get my criminal record expunged in California?

In California, Superior Court judges have the power to decide whether people convicted of crimes deserve to have their criminal record expunged. To begin the process, the convicted party needs to pull together documents regarding their petition for expungement, and submit the paperwork to the court that convicted them.