How much does it cost to buy a Duffy boat?

New, the 12 models of Duffy boats range in price from $14,000 to $75,000. Some people need years to find their calling.

What is the range of a Duffy boat?

With the single battery pack, smaller Duffy electric boats will go for 3.5 hours, averaging just above 5 mph, for 17.5 miles (assuming calm winds and no current). Our larger Duffy electric boats can go slightly faster. Using the double battery pack you can expect to double the time and distance plus an additional 15%.

What type of boat is a Duffy?

Designed to outmaneuver all other electric boats, Duffy boat models are built and hand laminated for durability, as well as aesthetics, at our 5-acre facility in Adelanto, CA.

How much does a Duffy boat weigh?

Draft: 3′ Hull Condition: Very Good Weight: 4,000 lbs.

Where are Duffy boats made?

Since 2000, all boats in the Duffy fleet are hand-crafted at our 57,000-square-foot factory, set on 5 acres in Adelanto, CA.

Can you take a Duffy boat in the ocean?

Can the boats cruise out in the ocean? Unfortunately, the boats must stay inside the harbor and bay.

Can you bring alcohol on a Duffy boat?

Yes, alcohol is allowed with the exception of red wine (which stains easily). On a boat you are allowed to have an open container as long as you remain under the legal limit for Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level in California. Kids 12 and under are required by law to wear a life jacket.

How hard is it to drive a Duffy boat?

Duffy Boats are easy as driving a golf cart and goes 5-6 mph. You have to be 21 years old to drive our Duffy boat and have valid identification. Unfortunately, fishing or swimming are not allowed off the boats.

Is it hard to drive a Duffy boat?

Duffy Boats are very easy to drive and we have had many first-timers drive our boats successfully. Duffy Boats are easy as driving a golf cart and goes 5-6 mph. You have to be 21 years old to drive our Duffy boat and have valid identification.

How many HP is a Duffy boat?

All Duffy boats are powered by a simple five-horsepower electric motor built specifically for marine use by Advanced DC Motors, with one moving part and a thrust of 130 pounds which pushes the boats at speeds up to 6.5 mph.

Do Duffy boats have propellers?

– Superior Maneuverability (boat turns within its own length) – Also includes our Patented 4-Blade Weedless Propeller. – Trusted Duffy Reliability: Over 10 years of development and 10 years now in operation as a standard feature on our boats.

What are the names of the Duffy boats?

Some of the most widely-known Duffy models as of today include: 31, Bay Island 22, Bayshore, Back Bay 16 and Snug Harbor.

How many people are on a Duffy Sun cruiser?

Duffy Electric Boats The Duffy Sun Cruiser 22 was designed to enjoy the best of both worlds – both inside and out. Comfortably cruise the spacious fully enclosed interior or step outside onto the open cockpit and soak up some sun! It holds 12 adults comfortably.

How tall is the bow of a Duffy boat?

The Duffy 35 has a very attractive profile with a pronounced sheer which is three feet above the water at the stern, dips slightly lower along the cockpit and then rises to more than five feet above the water at the bow.

How big is the Snug Harbor Duffy boat?

2012 Duffy Snug Harbor 2012 Duffy Boat 18-foot Snug Harbor in excellent condition. Great cruiser at a great price! This Duffy provides a lot of open space and seating for 12 adults.