How much does cement log siding cost?

Concrete Log Siding Cost & Maintenance. At an average of about $8 per square foot for all the materials, concrete log siding is one of the most expensive ways to side the exterior of your home.

What is EverLog siding?

EverLog Siding is an engineered concrete log siding and concrete timber siding product used in renovations and new construction. Designed to perform better than logs our simulated log siding will instantly transform the look and performance of any cabin, home or commercial structure.

Can you put siding over logs?

In many situations, putting siding over the affected logs does not alleviate the environmental pressures that caused the original logs to rot in the first place, i.e. moisture and sun. So it stands to reason that with the same pressures present, the new pine siding will eventually rot too.

Is log siding cheaper than logs?

The Advantages Over Full Logs Are Exceptional. Less Expensive Than Full Logs – Save money in five ways: materials, labor, shipping, no crane is needed, and buy it on sale (20% -25% off). You will come out hundreds and even thousands of dollars ahead by using siding instead of full logs.

Is log siding expensive?

Overall, the average cost of log siding is $4.30 per square foot without figuring in labor or other construction factors. The price can go up to $9 per square foot or be as low as $0.70 per square foot depending on the quality and type of material.

What is log siding made out of?

Solid logs or siding are usually made of wood and are actual, milled logs. They give you the look of a real wood log cabin, but are installed to the existing exterior of a home, rather than being stacked on top of one another and mortared into place.

How do I make my house look like a log cabin?

10 Quaint And Cozy Cabin Decor Ideas

  1. Bring Outdoor Light Fixtures Inside. Lighting is very important in interior design.
  2. Mix And Match Patterns And Textures.
  3. Incorporate Faux Fur.
  4. Display Found Treasures.
  5. Light Candles.
  6. Opt For Leather Furniture.
  7. Install A Wood Burning Stove.
  8. Create A Gallery Wall Of Plant Art.

What is board batten siding?

So, what is “board and batten?” It’s a type of siding where thin strips of wood molding—or “battens”—are placed over the seams of panel boards. The result is an aesthetic that is both rustic and chic, with the strong vertical lines providing shadows and textures to the home exterior.

How long will log home last?

Log cabins can last anywhere between 20-50 years if done right. Log cabins can even last for a full century if it’s properly looked after and built in a good location that doesn’t experience extreme weather changes. If one is built incorrectly, it can require extreme maintenance within 5 years.

Can you change the exterior of a log home?

The first and easiest is log siding. This option allows you to apply siding which looks like a log, to be applied to a stick build house where you can have drywall on the inside too.

What is the cost of EverLog siding?

What does an EverLog package cost? Package prices generally range between $140 – $160 per square foot of floor space.

Is vinyl log siding expensive?

Generally, vinyl log siding costs about $3 to $5 per square foot with all the necessary materials that go with it. If you need to cover 1,500 square feet, the material cost averages about $6,000.

What is faux log siding?

Faux log siding allows homeowners and designers to create a rustic appearance or the look of a historic home without hurting a single forest. Heavy timber beams are difficult to transport and install.

What are concrete logs?

Concrete Log Home. The “logs” are 2-inch-thick lightweight concrete siding that’s installed like cultured stone veneer. It’s mortared over diamond lath (hardware cloth) that’s been attached to the building’s exterior. For added stability and to support the siding as the mortar sets, the logs are also held in place with screws.

What is d log siding?

These products are sometimes called “D” siding because of the shape of their profile. More flat siding called chink log siding comes in 1”x10” and 1”x12” styles and is usually less expensive. The materials used for log siding are pine and cedar, for the most part.