How much does a sheet of plastic cost?

Acrylic plastic sheets can cost anywhere from $15 to as much as $150. Again, it will all depend on the size of the sheet. Clear sheets are going to cost anywhere from $5 to $75. For example, a sheet that measures 12×12 can retail for $5 to $15.

What is the strongest plastic sheeting?

Polycarbonate is the strongest plastic that is 200 times stronger than glass and is warranted against breakage or cracks. With its high impact strength, it is ideal for structures that are in places where there is snow or hail so that the building is not impacted by such throws.

What is the difference between acrylic and perspex?

What’s the difference between Perspex® and acrylic? Perspex® and acrylic are essentially the same thing. Perspex® acrylic is a premium branded acrylic and, as such, is manufactured to the highest industry standards possible. Perspex® acrylic has an enviable reputation as the very best acrylic available.

What are clear plastic sheets called?

Acrylic sheet, also known as plexiglass or brand names like Plexiglas® and Lucite, is an ideal substitute for glass in applications that require a high amount of clarity and strength. This acrylic sheet is coated with a transparent material that prevents the formation of static electricity and looks great doing it.

What is the thickest plastic sheeting you can buy?

The most common size in the thickness rating for plastic sheeting is 6 mil. This is 6-thousandths of an inch, or 0.006 inch. Generally, the thicker the plastic, the stronger it is. If it has string/scrim reinforcement, then the string within the plastic will give it added strength.

How thick are plastic sheets?

Plastic sheets range in various thickness, sizes, and even shapes to suit the application. From 0.06 inch to 6 inches, with some custom sizes available, common thicknesses range from 0.25 in, 0.5 in, 0.75 in, and 1 inch up to 6 inches.

Which is better PVC or HDPE?

PVC is a durable vinyl polymer whereas HDPE is a polyethylene thermoplastic made from petroleum. Both pipes are strong through high temperatures. When comparing failure ratings when exposed to events like rain, stress, wind, heat or cold, HDPE is proven to be more durable.

Which plastic is most rigid?

Strong and Stiff Acrylic and polycarbonate are transparent plastics that are stronger than many other clear plastic sheet materials and are often used in architectural glazing applications when transparency and superior mechanical properties are required.

Is acrylic good for roofing?

When it comes to transparency, acrylic is the better option, especially for roofing applications. Both acrylic and polycarbonate are clear, but polycarbonate may start to turn yellow when exposed to the sun.

How long does 6ml plastic last?

In summary, 6 mil poly will get you by for potentially four years, save you money for its purchase, but require your labor and time to recover every 3-4 years or sooner if it tears.

Is it safe to use polycarbonate sheeting in Perth?

By getting a polycarbonate sheet in Perth you don’t have to worry about shattered glass or unseemly cracks ever again. Polycarbonate is almost unbreakable and is up to 250 times more durable than its alternatives.

Who are the plastics manufacturers in Western Australia?

As one of Australia’s leading plastics manufacturing companies, Polytech Plastics is a trusted supplier to a variety of industries throughout Western Australia and wider Australasia.

What kind of sheeting does productive plastics make?

Productive plastics are also the W.A. distributors of a wide range of unique sheeting products including PERSPEX®, a world renowned premium acrylic brand which is available in gloss, frost and pearlescent and is available in many different colours and thicknesses and is backed by a 10 year indoor outdoor warranty.

How do you cut a plastic sheet to size?

Select a product from our extensive range of plastic sheets! On the product page, select “CUT TO SIZE” from the list of available product sizes. Select your Thickness and enter your Length and Width dimensions. Sanding and polishing acrylic sheet edges is recommended for achieving the best appearance, particularly after cutting it to size.